How to check traffic fines in Uganda

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Several vehicles are being sold in Uganda every day and the sales are increasing day by day. Some people are into buying new cars and selling their old cars, they don’t have to worry about the traffic fines. On the other hand, some people buy “used cars” or “second-hand cars” for them this is necessary to check the traffic fines before buying the car because if the previous dues are not clear then, the cost of the car will be more and sometimes the situation can get worse.

The people who purchase “used cars” should know the process of checking the traffic fines. They should also know the process of cross-checking the traffic fines in a particular motor vehicle and the pending payment.

In every country, cars that have fines attached to them are attached with their number pates, not with their owners, so if the owner switch’s then the fines or the penalties should be paid by the current vehicle owner, not the previous one. This is the reason everyone should know how to check the penalties and the fines of the vehicles. 


There is a term called “express penalty defaulter”, this is a term used for the person whose vehicle has more series of fines attached with their vehicles. There are cases where the policeman or traffic police takes the license plate or the number plate of the vehicle, on whom there are series of fines are there. To avoid losing your license plate, the 2nd owner of the car must check for the fines on the vehicles before buying the vehicle. Some people prefer to buy “used cars” they need to check the fines because it will only add up to the cost of the vehicles, the in the worst case they might take your license plate.

There was a case where a person bought a “used car”, the name of the car is “Mitsubishi L200” the person bought the car without cross-checking the fines. After a while, the traffic guys stopped him and he cut off his number plate, then discovered the fines on that vehicle were around 600,000 UGX(Six hundred thousand shillings)


This is the heart-breaking process, that when you buy the car of your choice after that you have to pay the fines and penalties of the car you like. There is also a risk of your number plate or your license being taken away when they consider you as an “express penalty defaulter”. In earlier times there was a technology with the help of that AI technology, the owner of the vehicle gets the instant message of the fines and penalties. 

The government of Uganda has made all the processes of fines and penalties online, which will help the people of the country to do business more easily and efficiently. This helped the citizens of the country to make the payments more easily of the penalties or the fines of the vehicles. The government of Uganda has made such a great initiative to increase the efficiency of the people, In 2019 the police of Uganda has made all the penalties system online and fines online. 

In 2019, the Ugandan police have made all the roads all the major roads in Kampala with electronic Express penalties scheme(EPS) gadgets, in this way all the penalties and the fines system have been made online, in this way payments can be done online without any problem. 

New scheme for the traffic violators

This is the new scheme, in which all the penalties and the fines are put on the name of the driver and not on the license plate of the vehicle. In other words, under this new scheme, all the fines and penalties are issued on the name of the driver’s license and not on the number plate of the vehicle. The punishment of not paying the fines and dues on the license is that the license of the person will not be renewed.

Due to this scheme, people don’t have to check for the penalties on the cars the penalties will be carried on from the drivers' license and not through the car number plate. 

There are some of the ways through which you can check for the fines and penalties on the vehicle

Option 1 

This can be done using your mobile phone:-

  1. On your mobile phone, send a Text EPS to 8888.
  2. Then type the number of your car Eg EPS UAX0003 and then send it to 8888.
  3. Then after few minutes, you will receive a message of your unpaid tickets (full details of the tickets)


In some cases there are delays and in some cases, you will get the response faster. 

Option 2 

This is the method by which you can check your penalties and fines on the spot:-

  1. The person has to go to the “Uganda Police Inspectorate of vehicles offices Naguru (opposite to spear motors) Nateete station, Katwe Station, old Kampala station, etc. 
  2. The person needs to carry a motor vehicle number which will be checked and it will show all the details of the vehicle. All the fines and the dues of the vehicle. They will show the whole when it is issued and where it was issued etc. 

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