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Uganda travel papers may only be obtained by Ugandan nationals. The Ugandan government processes and grants them exclusively through the Directorate of Immigration Control and at three Ugandan missions abroad: London, Washington, DC, and Pretoria.

You must have all of your ducks in a row when applying for an emergency passport. If you are going to make any mistake when applying, you may not have time to rectify it. Take the following procedures in case your identity card or passport is lost or stolen while in Uganda. In most cases, an emergency or replacement document is not necessary. Go to Lost or stolen passport or identity card to discover what to do if your passport or identification card is lost or stolen somehow.

  • Send an email immediately, if you require an emergency document.
  • Send an email to the embassy or consulate-general as soon as possible if you are willing to get an emergency paperwork. For further steps, follow the list below.

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To help the embassy or consulate-general process your application, include the following information and documents:

- a scan or image of your passport or Identity card that has been lost or stolen or,

- your complete name, as it appears on your passport or ID card

- your particular date of birth as it is mentioned on your passport

- and also, do not forget to add the name of the government agency that granted your passport

- the date on when your passport or ID card was lost or stolen;

- the phone number that may be used to contact you

- also try to proof that you won't be able to postpone your trip, such as a flight information, travel schedule and the other bookings, or a letter from your boss & mention your current location

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Bring the proper paperwork.

Make sure to bring the following documents to the embassy or consulate with you:

- a passport application form that has been completed;

- a signed declaration (C2 Form) declaring that the travel document is missing;

- 2 pictures that fulfil the criteria in the Netherlands;

- proof that you are a tourist or that you are unable to postpone your trip;

- If you're flying, taking the train, or taking the boat, you'll need tickets for your next destination.

- a photocopy of the lost or stolen passport or ID card, if feasible;

- Other identity documents, or reproductions of them, if possible;

- A police record indicating that your passport or ID card was lost or stolen, if possible.

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Permission to issue a travel document in an emergency

Following receipt of your email, embassy or consulate officials will determine which travel document you require depending on your travel plan. This going to be one of two possibilities.:

  • a new passport or identification card
  • a non-committal person; or
  • a passport in case of emergency

Not all countries accept a Dutch laissez-passer or emergency passport.

The embassy or consulate will need to obtain authorization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to grant you an emergency document after they get your email. Permission is often granted within one to three business days.

The ministry will confirm your data with the municipality or authority that issued your passport or ID card if you have not included a scan or photo of your lost passport or ID card. Details may only be checked Monday through Friday. It's possible that this will create a delay.

You will be contacted by the embassy or the consulate general to explain where and when you may apply for your emergency travel document. It is necessary for you to visit the embassy or consulate in person.

Emergency travel paperwork in case of any Children’s need

If the emergency travel document is for a kid under the age of 18, authorization from the child's parent(s) or guardian(s) is required. They must fill out a passport application and provide photocopies of their passports.

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If this is not feasible, bring photocopies of the child's passports as well as proof of agreement from the child's parent(s) or guardian(s).

What is the cost of an emergency document?

See the overview of consular costs for the cost of applying for a normal or emergency travel document.

How long do you think it will take?

If necessary, a private passport expediting business can finish your passport application in as short as 24 hours. They may also aid you by offering expert guidance and support with your passport application. If it will be taking longer than expected if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs determines that you require a new normal passport or ID card instead. For example, because the country to which you are travelling does not recognise Dutch laissez-passers or emergency passports.

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