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Uganda children visa is a children's visa for Uganda and it is a different type of visa which makes it easier for parents and guardians to take their children to Uganda. 

Uganda children's visa is a multiple entry visa and it allows the children to travel to Uganda multiple times.

And there are certain conditions has included with children visas. In this guide, we will discuss the benefits of Uganda children’s visas.


What is an Uganda Children’s visa?

Traveling to Uganda is becoming cheaper for children, but it is still stressful. 

The Uganda Children’s visa is the only way to take your child with you on a vacation to Uganda. You can also get one if you are the parent of an adopted child, but it is only available to parents, not anyone else.

Uganda Child visa is a non-immigrant visa issued to one under-21 child or stepchildren of a Ugandan citizen or a spouse of a Ugandan citizen. Child visa is not issued to the children of employees of the Ugandan Government. 

Moreover,  this Uganda Children’s visa is not available to adults.

If the child is under the age of 18; they are granted a child visa. The application for a child visa should be made at the Ugandan high commission in the country of residence of the child.

The process of getting an Uganda Children visa for your child

Uganda is a well-known tourism destination for visitors from all over the world.  Many of the tourists visiting Uganda wish to travel with children, and this poses a question: how do you get your child an Uganda visa?


If you are traveling with children, you may be required to provide proof of your child's relationship with you and proof of your child's citizenship. A birth certificate, passport, or baptism certificate may be sufficient, but will likely be scrutinized. You may also have to provide photographs of the child with you. 

In case you are adopting a child, you may have to provide an adoption certificate and you may have to present multiple forms of evidence that you are responsible for the child. 

And if you are traveling internationally with your child, you may also need to provide evidence of your child's vaccination history.

You can expect to pay a fee for an Uganda visa for your child and to register your child with the Ugandan government. 

In addition, when you apply for the child visa application in Uganda you’ll need to provide the documents such as child’s birth certificate, a letter from the child’s parents or guardians stating their permission for you to apply for an Uganda visa on behalf of the child, and a passport for the child. You must also provide a photocopy of your child’s passport and a letter from a Ugandan bank stating that the child is a beneficiary of a trust fund in Uganda with proof of a letter from a Ugandan school stating that the child is a student at the school.


Requirements for a Children’s visa in Uganda

Before applying for a Ugandan visa, you need to know the requirements. 

You must have a yellow fever vaccination certificate is required to apply for a Ugandan visa. Without the yellow fever certificate, the Ugandan government will not accept your application. The yellow fever vaccination certificate must be issued by a Ugandan government-approved clinic. 

There are also has other requirements for applying for a child’s visa in Uganda, such as; a passport valid for at least six months, one recent passport-size photo of the children, and a completed visa application form.

How long do you get an Uganda children's visa?

For a parent to apply for a visa for the child; they need to be a Ugandan citizen or a Ugandan permanent resident. The parent must also own a residential property in Uganda and must be able to show that they are financially capable of taking care of the child and of getting all the necessary documents and visas. 

The Uganda Children visa is a visa given to children under the age of 18 who are traveling alone or with one parent. This visa is a short stay visa and does not allow for work. This visa is only given to children from certain countries who are traveling with one parent or a guardian to a different country. 

Thus the processing time for an Uganda Children visa is not the same as the time it takes to get an Uganda visa. This takes to get the visa into your visa application process. The processing time for an Uganda visa is normally 7-9 days and after the visa processing, you will get your Uganda Children visa.



Uganda has a good economy and is home to some of the most beautiful places in the world. As a parent, it can be difficult to decide on whether or not to bring your children along on your travels. 

Uganda is a safe country to bring up a child. It has many opportunities for the education and development of the child. There are many good schools with good facilities and the most important thing is that the tuition is very affordable. The most beautiful thing about Uganda is that there is no discrimination of any sort. Everybody is free to do whatever they like and nobody will disturb them or discriminate against them.

We hope this guide has aided you in deciding to bring your children to Uganda. If you have any questions regarding travel to Uganda with children, you may visit here.

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