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Uganda is the country located in Africa which offers best opportunity to the volunteers and other missionaries and business men as well. Uganda has some Rules and regulations for the foreign Travellers and when they visit Uganda, it is a must that they should also follow the rules and regulations as per the orders of the Government of Uganda. If there are any officers or any other employees who want to visit Uganda for their official work, then also they need to apply for the visa and get the permission to enter Uganda. Even if a student or a journalist or even if an investor wants to visit Uganda for higher studies or for investing in the Agricultural industry or in the mining industry or in the education sector or in the health industry, then they are also bound to follow the rules and the regulations of Uganda. Therefore, before you take or conclude a decision of going to Uganda for any of the above reasons, then you must think carefully whether you will be able to abide by the laws of the Government of Uganda and it a necessary that you should follow those rules without any kind of complaint.

Tourist Visa Online helps to apply and process for the Online eVisa to Uganda for work purposes and the process for applying for the visa to Uganda is a bit easier through online.


Documents required for applying a visa online for Uganda

  • The applicant must have a valid passport which has the validity period of at least six months and it is the most important part that is actually needed while applying for a visa to Uganda.
  • Two passport size photographs are to be brought by the applicant while they will be applying for the visa. The photograph should be a recent one provided that it has 80% face coverage.
  • You are required to carry with you the copies or the original airline tickets which will have both the arrival and departure dates to Uganda.
  • You should not forget  about the Yellow Fever Negative certificate because it is one of the mandatory things you should bring without which you cannot apply for the visa. It is mandatory that the applicant should have the yellow card of the World Health Organisation. 
  • You should also carry with you the negative reports of COVID-19. It is the must for any tourist to carry with one self the negative RT-PCR reports of the dreadful disease without which you will not get your visa issued.
  • You should have the important documents as well including the cover letter from the institution or the company you are working for and the highest qualifications the applicant has.

Entry Regime for citizens before visiting Uganda

Citizens may enter Uganda but based on the following and certain conditions. They require a negative report of PCR test which will be issued not more than 120 hours prior to the departure of the applicant. All the passengers must have a negative report of COVID-19 which will be issued by the laboratory which is authorized. 


Entry and leaving the country, Uganda

All the citizens require a visa to Uganda and it is a must. Visas can be obtained by the citizens from the embassy or the consulate. 

Tourist Visas, business visas, transit visas and diplomatic visas are the visas which can be granted for multiple Entry purposes. The multiple Entry types of visas are mainly issued by Uganda whatever may be the purposes for the visit. The rest kinds of visas are issued by the Diplomatic or the Embassy or the Consulate of Uganda. 

Fees required to pay for applying for the visa 

A single entry tourist visa costs 50 USD. On the other hand, a multiple Entry Visa which has the validity for 6 months costs 200 USD. 

 For tourist visas, the passport must have the remaining validity of at least One month. 

Now if any applicant has a plan to stay in Uganda for some more time, then remaining the validity of the visa has to be for at least three months. 

Note: No social security agreement is needed or concluded here. 


Useful information for the travellers 

Health Situation – Before starting their trip To Uganda, Travellers must see and get their health checked up and know about the current situation of an individual’s health. 

In addition to yellow fever, there is also a risk of spreading malaria in the country. 

Security Situation – The security situation is stable and involves no further risks. There remains the danger of theft and pick pocketing and other crimes and frauds. Therefore, it is recommended to the applicants that they should not visit the northern parts of the country. 

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