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Uganda Immigration Procedure: An insight into the E-Immigration process by the Uganda Government.

For all those who intend to enter Uganda, and plan on settling, it is mandatory for them to undergo the Uganda Immigration Procedure. Like all the other countries in the world, Uganda has a detailed Immigration Procedure, which is mandatory for every foreigner who enters the country.

The procedures and regulations are in an elaborative manner, making it rather frustrating for all those who are trying to decode the same. In Uganda, the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control regulates all the rules and regulations regarding all the immigration and citizenship processes. They also engage in providing several options for residency facilities.

For all those foreigners who plan to work in Uganda have to undergo a process and obtain their work permit. All of the long term visas and permits can only be permitted through the DCIC. A new venture by the DCIC includes the introduction of the E-Immigration Process for the sake of the convenience of all those who have chosen to apply to the Uganda Immigration authorities.

This blog thus will introduce the readers to the Uganda Immigration Procedure, and also shed light upon the E-Immigration process and the advent of it. By the end of the blog, the readers will gain insight over the same. And we at Tourist Visa Online portal hope to clarify on all your queries regarding the E-Immigration Process.


  • Uganda Immigration and E-Immigration
  • Why is an E-Immigration required?
  • Benefits offered in the E-Immigration process
  • E-Immigration Process
  • E-Immigration Processing Time
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Uganda Immigration and E-Immigration

  • The Department of Citizenship & Immigration Control (DCIC) Uganda had introduced an electronic procedure for Uganda Visa and permit applications and processes.
  • As per the new electronic or (e) procedures, applicants for all immigration services like visas, work permits, or travel passes are required to be applied online.
  • After the applicant applies for the desired Uganda Immigration Service, online, he/she will receive a notification, before proceeding the application to the nearest Ugandan Embassy before them entering the country.
  • In an Immigration Process, In case the Organizations, who need to apply for a residency facility for their employees, need to undergo a process called “Organization Profiling”. These companies alongside their details are submitted to the DCIC, and then they will receive a unique code, commonly known as the “organization code”. After all of these procedures, the applications are then submitted online, which is in support of this code.
  • But for those who just want to apply for one of the Visas, they do not require any profiling.

Why is an E-Immigration required?

  • For all those employees around the world, who are coming to Uganda to work, and their international managers and advisers need to be aware of the shift of online applications of visas and permits. As per the DCIC, they do not accept manual application anymore. The process of e-immigration is comparatively a faster and less time-consuming process of applications.
  • The applicants and travellers need to take note that, no airline or any other mode of transport will allow them to carry passengers without a travel authorization or an E-Visa approval.
  • However, the organizations or companies who send their employees to work in Uganda, have to undergo the process of an organization profiling, which in turn will help them obtain the organization code further helping them with their entire application process.

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Benefits offered in the E-Immigration process

The E-Immigration process might be a beneficial process for many who had to take the troubles and manually complete the procedure.

The following benefits are experienced through an E-Immigration Process:

  • The process of E-Immigrations helps people all over the world to easily apply for any of the immigration services. It tends to bring the world closer.
  • The online process of the E-Immigration helps ensure the authorities with the database of all the applicants. It gets easier to access the approved and not approved applicants who are wanting to travel to Uganda.
  • It helps the applicant to be independent. It guides the applicants as to how to apply and gives them an idea of how to progress and check the status of the same.

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E-Immigration Process

  • After the submission of the application for the Uganda Visa/Permit or any other Immigration Service, the Applicant will receive a notification with an Application Number which can be used to Track Visa Status of the application.
  • After the submission of the Uganda Visa Application and the documents, it is mandatory for the applicant to pay for the Visa. If you do not pay for your Visa, Permit, or Travel authorization, the process will not go further, and you might lose your chance to get your Visa application approved. Hence, make sure to make a successful online payment for Visa services.
  • After the approval of the applicant’s application, he/she will receive an email notification that will inform the applicant regarding the steps that need to be taken along with an Attachment of the E-Visa, or E-Permit Approval or any kind of Authorization to travel. This attachment is supposed to be printed and must be presented or if asked submitted to the Immigration officers which will stand as proof of the approval of your Visa or Permit.

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E-Immigration Processing Time

All the Visas, Permits, and travel Authorization take approximately 2-3 working days to process. The process of Visa applications may not take place due to circumstances wherein more document Required for Uganda Visa and extra verification of the applicant are required. To avoid the delay in their travel, the applicants are always advised to apply for the visas, permits, and travel authorizations at least five days before they intend to travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • From where can I apply for a can of the E-Immigration Services?

Here You can apply for any of your immigration services 

  • What is meant by mandatory online payment?

The E-Immigration services take an online route, where the applicant has the benefit of applying for the Visa/Permit/Travel Authorization without much ado and hassle at their own comfort. When it signals that you have to make a mandatory online payment, it usually means that the application you trying to apply for won’t be submitted unless you make the payment.

  • Can my Application form be modified after the submission?

No, your Application form once submitted is subject to the approval process. It cannot be modified post the submission

  • Is it mandatory to carry the hardcopy or softcopy of the E-Visa/Permit at the Entry point of Uganda?

It is not mandatory to carry, but it is highly recommended for you to carry your hard or soft copy of the E-Visa/Permit or any other travel authorization for a hassle-free and pleasant experience.

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