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A refugee act passed by the Uganda government in 2006 states that, if you have to leave your native country due to certain reasons and you are staying in Uganda as a refugee. Then, an identity card and a travel document are which allow them to stay in Uganda. Foreign nationals holding a status of refugee or Uganda refugee identity card who are planning to travel outside the country need to complete some process. Like, it is necessary to obtain a Refugee travel document visa Uganda. So, the individual can Travel freely with recognized refugee status.  

A valid and proper Uganda visa refugee Travel document will not only permit the holders to visit a foreign nation but also allows them to return to the country you are residing. As most of the refugees leave their native country and ultimately do not have their native country passports. So, they face difficulty, and an Uganda travel document or a passport replacement is required. With Uganda travel documents, individuals are allowed to travel to foreign nations for education and other reasons. Individuals with travel documents in Uganda can travel to almost all foreign countries. 


Traveling to foreign visa-free countries with a refugee travel document

  • There are a few nations and countries for which you do not have to apply for a visa. If you have a valid Uganda refugee travel document.
  • The stay in visa-free countries with refugee travel documents can not exceed more than three months. 
  • Not all nations accept visa-free entry with Uganda refugee travel.

Steps to apply for Uganda Travel Document

Applicants can follow few steps to obtain an Uganda travel document

  • The refugee who is applying for an Uganda travel document will have to travel or visit the Uganda ministry of the immigration office. Or you can also visit the regional Uganda immigration department. 
  • Applicants have to collect the application form for the travel document.
  • Applicants need to answer the details in the Uganda visa refugee travel document application form.
  • To register to pay the application form fee for the Uganda visa refugee travel document, you will have to register it from the government portal Uganda revenue authority.
  • After registering the application from the URA website. You will have to collect or take the printout of the final payment receipt from the URA portal or website. 
  • Visit the relevant bank selected in the Uganda revenue authority application form. Pay the amount and do not forget to collect the receipt, it is required for confirmation.
  • Submit the travel document application form for Uganda and payment receipt at the Regional immigration office. You can also submit it at the passport control office.
  • After processing your details and form. If the immigration office or authority does not find any mistakes and if your application or request is verified. Then, they will give you an Uganda visa refugee travel document.

Applicants applying for refugee travel documents need to register their payment process through the online process for Uganda visa refugee travel document.


Documents and requirements for Uganda visa refugee travel document:

  • Refugee Identity card- It is a card that ensures that the individual holds a refugee status. And the refugee does not have their national passport.
  • Copies of birth certificates are also required for minors. Minors can also present a consent letter from parents or guardians.
  • Photograph- You will need at least three colored photographs.
  • Filled Uganda visa travel document application form.
  • Evidence of final payment- A receipt from the bank will work.
  • Other relevant documents.

Fee for Uganda visa refugee travel document

The fee for an Uganda visa refugee travel document is UGX 250,000.



The Uganda visa Refugee travel document can be used and is valid for up to 10 years. It will be only considered valid if you have refugee status in Uganda.


Uganda visa Refugee travel document is needed and must be there if you are traveling to a different nation and it also acts as a replacement for a passport. This process was initiated to ease the travel of refugees in foreign countries and do not forget to apply for a visa of the visiting country. If you are not a recognized visa-free nation with an Uganda refugee travel document 

Apply Uganda Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The refugee identity card is the document obtained and issued by the refugees for their proof of identity.

Your, refugee travel document for Uganda will only stay valid for ten years and after ten years you will have to renew the document.

No, it is recommended not to travel to your native country with a refugee travel document.

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