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Uganda is a country in the East of Africa, this country shares its borders with Kenya from the East, from the west by the Democratic Republic of Congo and on the southwest, it shares its borders with Rwanda, in the north by the country Tanzania, by the country South Sudan. Uganda shares its borders with 5 countries. 

Uganda is a country that is named the “pearl of Africa”  by Winston Churchill, this was done with the sole purpose that Uganda is covered by the Fauna and Flora. It is covered with large amounts of Flora and fauna, there is a diverse range of Fauna in this land in the whole of the continent.

Uganda is also the home to some of the rarest Chimpanzees, which are extremely rare everywhere. Uganda also provides shelter to one more highly endangered species of mountain gorillas, these gorillas are on the verge of being endangered. There are several tourist spots in the country that are a delight to watch. These spots have become tourist attractions that tourists from around the globe come to see.

There are some of the Uganda tourism packages, which will be helpful for the tourist to cover all the destinations. These tourist spots have become tourist attractions because of the beauty of nature and the wildlife that are only seen in this country. There are some of the places in the country that are a scene to watch and the land also has a rich history.


Uganda is known for its Flora and Fauna, wildlife, and the scenic view this country offers. There are exotic destinations in the country that are a delight to watch. If the tourist is also bringing their kids, there are activities for the kids that will keep them occupied with the animals and their culture. Being a country with so many tourist attractions, this country has so many tourists coming over every year. 

Tourism guide in Uganda 

If you come to Africa, then you must visit Uganda as it is one of the best parts of Africa. Uganda is the source of the river “Nile” and it has become the best tourist attraction, Nile river is the longest river in the world and Uganda is the source of the Nile river. The tourist must start looking for the packages for Uganda. The Nile alone brings so many tourist spots. 

Uganda has national parks, which bring the tourist close to the wildlife. The travel packages that a person will take, provides the tourist with some of the great landscapes and wildlife sanctuaries, and national parks. Some of the national parks in Uganda like the Mountain of the Moon located in the “Rwenzori National Parks” cover the highest mountain peaks.

There are places in Uganda that are great for adventure enthusiasts. In Uganda it provides the River rafting that is the best, it is called the “white-water” river rafting. This is the best river rafting destination in the world at Jinja. 

There is a lot for Wildlife lovers also and not only for the adventure enthusiast. There are wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, there is wildlife in Uganda. As there are Extremely rare Chimpanzees and gorillas and the highly endangered “Mountain Gorilla” in the country. There are other species of primates at the Bwindi Impenetrable national parks. 


There are some of the best views in Africa to offer. The tourist visiting Uganda 

Uganda promises the best of Africa. The source of the very famous River Nile is one of the most amazing tourist destinations on the continent. It is not unwise to start checking out Uganda holiday packages now.

In the travel packages of Uganda, a visit to the  “Rwenzori National Parks” that is the mountain of the moon is also included. For adventure enthusiasts, Uganda Tours has on offer the best white-water rafting than anywhere else in the world at Jinja. For wildlife lovers, the Uganda tour is the one you want to explore and experience the flora and fauna and the rich wildlife of Uganda...

There are some of the best scenic views to offer in Uganda, it is one of the best in Africa. The locals in the region also are good to the outsiders who come to the country. This is the reason that the holiday packages of Uganda are fast selling and the packages are also gaining popularity. The capital of Uganda is “Kampala ” which is the microcosm of African culture and traditions. Many regions of the country are not that commercially active.  


The tourism sector in the country is majorly active, in August 2013, the contribution from the tourist sector was $ 1.88 billion in the Shillings, which was 4.9 trillion Ugandan shillings 

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