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Uganda is one of the most underrated countries. “Uganda is a fairy-tale”,  “ a wonderful new world” as described by  Sir Winston Churchill who also called this beautiful country the “Pearl of Africa”, is a delight to the eyes. To visit Uganda, You’ll require an Uganda Tourist Visa.

Home to the world’s longest river and the diverse natural wildlife reserves, Uganda Tourism is a must to follow. The first thought when one considers arranging a visit to a vibrant country like Uganda is to get an Uganda Tourist E- Visa. Though the procedure of applying Uganda Visa is not as difficult as it seems, it’s necessary to know about all the requirements and the terms and conditions of the Uganda Tourist Visa.

This blog will answer your questions regarding the application, process, and grant of the Visa.


  • Uganda Tourist Visa
  • Requirements for the grant of the Tourist Visa
  • Applying process for the Tourist Visa of Uganda
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Uganda Tourist Visa

The government of Uganda, since the year 2016 has permitted the release of  Visas for all the eligible countries. As per the Uganda Visa Policy of the Uganda government, it is required for your passport to be valid for at least 6 months beyond your stay period. While the duration of your stay, in case you are visiting any relative or friend or perhaps have booked a hotel for your comfort, you may need an invitation letter. 

The process of obtaining the Uganda Tourist Visa is pretty straight forward. As the requirements of the process and application of the Tourist, Visa is not extravagant; the entire process becomes hassle-free and convenient for us.

Requirements for Uganda Tourist Visa 

Every country has its own set of norms and requirements for their safety and security.

Some documents which are required for the onset of the process for the grant of the Uganda Tourist Visa are:

  • Scan of your valid passport: For your residence proof, a scanned passport is an essential document. The passport is valid for at least six months. Make sure your passport is up to date. As an entry in Uganda requires your passport to have validity for at least six months from your entry date. Not having this requirement fulfilled makes your passport an invalid document.
  • Hotel Bookings in Uganda for your stay: On an Uganda Tourist Visa, one has to mention the bookings of their stay in the country.
  • Flight Tickets: Your to and fro flight tickets need to be submitted for the application of your Visa, it's just a way the government ensures your visit to the country.
  • One recent passport size: The photograph submitted must be recent, clear, and coloured. Make sure of getting your photograph clicked professionally.
  • Vaccination certificate for Yellow fever: The applicants applying for the Uganda Tourist Visa need to have a copy of their vaccination certificate against the Yellow fever.

Applying process for the Uganda Tourist Visa

To apply Uganda Tourist Visa is very simple and precisely explained on the Tourist Visa Online.

With a few simple steps, you can easily and swiftly be granted the Tourist Visa of the country of Uganda.

  • Visit
  • Select the countries: The website will ask you to select your home country and the country you wish to visit. Here you can select Uganda.
  • Select your Visa type: There are many types of Visa one can apply for. Tourists can apply for the Tourist Visa and follow the process as required.
  • Submission of the Documents: The website will ask you to submit the required documents mentioned earlier in this blog. Please note the documents you are submitting must be scanned and clear.
  • Pay for the visa: For our convenience Tourist visa online accepts payment in all online forms. All you have to do is fill the application form and pay for the visa. An instant process for the instant arrival of your E- Visa.
  • Check your status: After the payment for the visa, you can Track Visa Status and track the process of the visa anytime and anywhere through the tourist visa online website. It usually takes 3 days to a week for your visa to be approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does the Tourist Visa cost?

The rates of the Tourist Visa may vary on a lot of bases. You can check out Uganda Visa to know more about the cost.

  • For how long is the Uganda Tourist Visa valid?

The Uganda Tourist Visa is valid for 90 days after being issued.

  • How will I receive my Visa?

You will receive the Visa through our website in a PDF format which you can download at your convenience.

  • How many times can I visit Uganda through my Visa?

The Uganda Visa allows a Single entry on the grant of visa.

  • What are the medical documents I need to submit to apply for the Uganda tourist Visa?

A yellow fever vaccination certificate is supposed to be submitted by the adults and a polio vaccination certificate must be submitted for children less than the age of 5 years and who are travelling with their parents.

  • Where can I solve my unresolved doubts?

Tourist Visa Online website has several blogs and reviews and is 24*7 available to solve all your queries and concerns.

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