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Uganda is a country in East Africa, there is a lot of tourist from around the world that comes to Uganda. Uganda has so many tourist attractions because of its rich culture and people in the country. The climate in the country is always a spring-like climate so the tourist is also attracted to this. 10 national parks provide a home to the mountain gorillas and the chimpanzee, rare golden monkeys. There are safaris in the national parks that include lions, hippos, leopards. 

Not only there are land animals, but there are also more than 1000 species of birds in the national parks, which is around 10 percent of the bird species in the whole world. There are many tourist attractions in the country, that will include Mountains, forests, wetlands and the shores of Lake Victoria, there is the source of the River Nile in the country, there is also the third highest mountain peak which is called the “mountain of the moon” which is fully covered with the snow. 

The national bird of the country is the grey crowned crane, this is because this symbolizes the citizens of Uganda: Elegant, Loyal, fond of dancing

Uganda has the culture of tribes, this country has compact culture and the dance and music, the dress also changes when you travel in the country every hour. You can get an idea of how diverse Uganda is when I will tell you that there are over 40 recognized regional languages in the country, the culture in the country is so diverse that dress, music, and language change when you travel by road country every hour. 

Some slangs are very commonly used in the country for a foreigner is “welcome” and alongside with it “mzungu”, it is a friendly term for the “Foreigner”


There are chimpanzees in the national parks, which are highly endangered. These national parks provide a home to some of the greatest chimpanzees of the world, like the “Golden monkey ”. There is a chimpanzee that is found in the national parks of the country, there are shelters such as “Kibale” which provides the shelters to the 13 primate species, and that includes 1500 chimpanzees. There is also a shelter known as “Budongo” where the chimpanzees are seen from Feb- September. There is also one more tourist attraction that is the underground forest of “Kyambura” which is set in the deep mist-filled gorge in the queen Elizabeth National Park. 


Mountains of the moon

There is also a mountain range in the country that is called the “mountain of the moon”. These mountains are covered with snow and fog, it is the rocky chain that is alongside them. There is a lust for vegetation in the mountains and there are thriving villages. There are Afromontane forests, giant heathers, and bamboo with the option of the Summit Margherita peak, which is the third highest peak with a height of  5,109 meters. 

Culture of the country 

There is a diverse culture in the country, as there are many languages. Due to diversity in the country, it is so hard not to fall in love with the culture. There are performances in every tribe, that will allow you to know more about the culture of the country.

There are dance performances and music festivals every night, which will be a great tourist attraction.


Wheelchair accessibility for tourist 

The tourist can rely on the government of Uganda, they have made the wheelchair facility for the tourist who wants to travel to the country. There are people with disability and they want to travel. The government of Uganda has made this simple as there is a wheelchair facility, people who want to visit chimpanzee tours and gorilla tours can travel through the wheelchair.

This is a great move by the government of Uganda to increase travel in the country. This will result in increasing in tourism and overall increasing the GDP.

Orphanage tourism 

There is a special package for the tourist traveling to Uganda, that the tourist will visit the orphanage of Africa. There the tourist will visit the orphanage and then they will be given handing out gifts, then they sing songs together and then giving them cuddles. It is a great initiative by the government of Uganda to make a difference in the children’s lives, that the tourist will help them for making their lives better by donating some amount to the orphanage. There is some sort of help other than donating the money they will help them to learn something by the tourist or volunteering in healthcare by the tourist.  

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