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Any foreign citizen traveling to Uganda must collect all the information about the place and visa procedures. To enter the country safely and legally. To begin a journey to any foreign citizen there are certain rules of the visiting country which must be followed. If the tourist or visitor intended to enter Uganda then they can know about Uganda travel requirements in this article. There are certain requirements that the visitor must fulfill to start their wonderful journey in Uganda.

What are the documents a visitor will need to enter the country?

  • Every tourist or visitor traveling to the country must have a valid Uganda visa which can be a tourist or business visa. The visa is the proof that a foreigner is not entering the country without permission and an official document or pass.
  • Every tourist must carry their passport with the Uganda visa to gain entry through the immigration points at the airport.
  • A yellow fever vaccination certificate for tourists to enter Uganda.
  • Enough funds and return flight tickets to ensure that the visitor will return to the native country.
  • The visitors have to provide information about the purpose of the visit to Uganda. And the duration of their stay, for tourists the duration of stay can be up to 3 months. 
  • If you are traveling to the country for employment then you must have a valid work permit and other related documents.
  • The tourist must have money and enough funds to spend their vacations in Uganda. It is advised to book your hotel tickets before you leave for the country. 


Rules and regulations if you overstay your  Uganda visa

If the tourists stay beyond the validity period of the Uganda visa then they may be subjected to penalties and fines. Overstaying on an invalid visa will cost foreigners $30 every day. It is recommended to apply for a visa extension from the Uganda immigration department.

*Crimes like robbery are very common it is suggested to beware and take care of their belongings while traveling.

Uganda travel requirements during the pandemic

The 2020 pandemic has changed a lot of things including tourism. The tourism sector was widely affected due to lockdown. And now everything is getting back to normal but still, the infection may spread again on a large scale. For prevention, there are certain rules imposed by the Uganda government on foreign travelers. The Uganda travel requirements for foreign visitors are:

  • A valid and negative PCR results for COVID to gain entry at the airport. If the visiting traveling to Uganda is fully vaccinated, then they do not need to show negative PCR test results.
  • Screening at the airport for every visitor.
  • Tourists should be fully vaccinated to enter Uganda as per the travel requirements.
  • A COVID 19 PCR test after arriving at the airport for all the tourists from India, irrespective of their vaccination status and previous results.
  • Only two people are allowed to pick up or drop the visitor. Presently, tourists are recommended to enter the country from Entebbe International Airport in Uganda.


Uganda travel requirements to leave the country

The travelers must present and fulfill the following requirements to exit or leave  Uganda:

  • They must present negative PCR results while departure.
  • Tourists should wear masks and maintain social distance while leaving Uganda.
  • Tourists must have a valid Uganda visa while leaving the country.
  • Tourist will need their valid national passport.
  • The tourist must leave for the airport at least 3 to 4 hours before so they do not miss their flight.

The visa policy and rules of Uganda depend on the nationality of the individual. The visa-exempt countries can travel to a country without an Uganda visa but must fulfill other Uganda travel requirements.


The tourists and visitors can gather more detailed information about Uganda travel requirements from the embassy. A tourist must obtain their visa first to enter Uganda, it can be issued online on Tourist Visa Online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tourists from foreign countries can stay and enjoy their vacation for 90 days in Uganda. The validity period is 3 months for every tourist holding Uganda e-Visa.

It is important to check your eligibility first. If you are eligible to apply for an Uganda visa on arrival, then you can obtain it from Entebbe International Airport. Applicants will have to fill and submit the relevant application form with the documents needed for the visa. Pay the application form fee and wait in line to obtain an Uganda visa. 

Every individual or foreigner visiting Uganda must have a visa irrespective of the duration and purpose of stay. This rule doesn't apply to Visa-exempt countries.

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