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If a Russian citizen wants to visit Uganda, then they have several visa options to do so. In this article you can find out which Uganda visa for Russians is the perfect fit for your needs, and how can you apply for it.

For the application process, there are three ways for people to apply. Firstly, they can take up a good travel agent like tourist visa online who will take care of most of the process. 

Secondly, visit the local embassy in person and lastly, you can apply online for an Uganda e-visa.

In the heavy wilderness of East Africa is the country of Uganda. It is a popular spot for those tourists who are seeking adventure and want to explore the hidden parts of continental Africa.

It is primarily a landlocked country; however, it has an abundance of natural resources in the form of rivers, lakes and beautiful waterfalls.

On visiting this country you can visit animal sanctuaries, national parks, the Rwenzori Mountains which remain snow-capped.

Furthermore, it is a relatively safe country for tourists and visitors. There are rare cases of theft, fraud or robberies with international visitors. If you would truly like to explore a culture, which is very different from Russia, meet new people and have new experiences, then Uganda is a great place to start.

Continue reading below to find out more about obtaining the Uganda visa for Russians procedure.



Depending on the nature of your business, there are many different types of Uganda visas for Russians that you can apply for. We have listed a broad list of the ones that are availed generally.

You can go through the list before talking to the local embassy or even your travel agency.

  • Tourist

For those who plan on visiting Uganda as a tourist to see the sights, visit the national parks and famous mountains for a few weeks or a couple of months. This visa will let to extend your stay for up to a period of six months.

  • Business

If you have an event to attend or need to conduct some business that ventures into the financial territory, then this business visa is well suited for you.


  • Transit

If you have a connecting flight from Uganda, while en route to another country, then you can get a transit visa. This kind of a Uganda visa for Russians will be valid for up to two weeks. It will also allow you to venture out of the airport premises until you can take the next flight.

  • Others

There are several other kinds of visas also available such as student visas, visas for volunteers and researchers, diplomats, conferences etc. Visitors can apply for the one that they deem fit for their cause.



Make sure that the people at your travel agency approve the selection of documents before you can submit them or present them. Here is a list of documents that you will have to upload digitally with the Uganda e-visa application form. 

  • Your Russian passport should be valid for the next six months.
  • It should have a cover and at least one blank page for the airport authorities to stamp in.
  • One passport-sized photograph with the applicant’s complete name mentioned behind it.
  • A letter of invitation from the host company, stationed in Uganda (in case of a business visa)
  • Bank account statement proving your financial capabilities.
  • Accommodation and travel details for the entirety of your stay in the country.

Apply Uganda Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel agencies like tourist visa online provide such visa tracking services, with just an acknowledgement number.

The Uganda e-visa for a Russian should only take about 48 hours to get processed, a maximum of nine days.

Generally, a regular tourist visa will let the Russian citizen stay in Uganda for a period of 90 days, i.e. 3 months. However, this can also be extended for up to six months.  

The visa fee for Uganda will be $77 when applied for by a Russian citizen

Interested visitors from Russia can visit the official website for tourist visa online and check their eligibility for a fast e-visa. A total of 37 countries are on the list of visa exceptions released by the authorities of Uganda.

In the current scenario with the pandemic gripped world, getting an Uganda e-visa for Russians is a better option. It will allow you to practise better social distancing.

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