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Uganda Visa is available for South African Passport holders easily. More so, a variety of Uganda Visas are available for you depending upon the reason as to why you wish to visit Uganda. If you have been living in South Africa, then Uganda will feel no less than a second home for you. A perfect family vacation destination, you can apply for any type of Uganda Visa online at Tourist Visa Online without going through the hassles of offline application processes.


  • Uganda Visas South African Citizens are eligible for
  • How to apply from home for an Uganda Visa
  • Documents and Papers South African citizens need for their Uganda Visa application
  • How to submit documents for an Uganda e-visa as scans
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Uganda Visas South African Citizens are eligible for

South African passport owners are eligible for all the visa types Uganda offers to foreigners. The Republic of South Africa and its citizens can avail an Uganda e-visa, an Uganda Business Visa, an East Africa Visa and all the types of Uganda Tourist Visas for their journey to Uganda.

An East Africa Visa is a boon if you wish to visit for the culture, traditions and enjoying various lifestyles of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya all at once. This visa is created for tourists and visitors who are coming for a vacation, allowing them to visit all the three countries in this single East Africa Visa. 

An additional document required for this visa is a planned itinerary which is to be submitted along with its visa form.

An Uganda Tourist Visa is the most widely chosen visa type by tourists worldwide in order to travel to Uganda. Thus, to promote and welcome tourists, the government of Uganda has created subtypes of their Tourist Visa, which allows you as a South African citizen to live in the country for various periods of time. 

Even though Uganda does seem full of people who are rooted in their natural traditions, it is not devoid of development and economical growth. Thus, an Uganda Business Visa comes in handy when you do have an offer of working there. An additional requirement for this visa will be the letter of invitation from the company you will be working with as you stay in Uganda.


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Documents and Papers South African citizens need for their Uganda Visa application

Your South African passport scans is a mandatory requirement in order to apply for an Uganda Visa of any kind. The scans must be of the front and last page of your South African Passport. If you are travelling with your family, then children must have their own passports as well.

Vaccinations: In order to travel to Uganda, a visa can only be approved if you prove yourself medically fir to travel to Uganda. Thus, a Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate stating you are healthy must be scanned and submitted.

If you are going from South Africa to Uganda with your family, and if you happen to have kids below 5 in age, then a Polio vaccination certificate is also a must.

Flight Tickets are also necessary. If you are transiting in Uganda for a day, then a flight ticket to the next country you are going must be shown. Otherwise, on a regular Uganda Tourist Visa, to and fro tickets from South Africa and Uganda will be sufficient to prove the days of your travel.

An Uganda Visa Application Form is provided as a soft copy online by Tourist Visa Online as soon as you select the type of Uganda Visa you wish to approve of. The information you mention here about the candidate must match the other documents. Photographs in passport size given with this form as a scan must be recent ones as well.

Frequently Asked Queries regarding Uganda Visas

Q. Which states are included in the South African Customs Union, and should I follow the steps provided above if I am a citizen of one of the South African countries?

According to the United Nations, a total of five states are a part of South Africa as a unit, these are:

  • South Africa
  • Eswatini
  • Lesotho
  • Botswana
  • Namibia

Yes, if you belong to one of these countries as a born citizen, then the visa application procedures will be the same as given above. You will be eligible to apply from any online site for a visa to Uganda, like Tourist Visa Online.

Q. Is it possible for me to apply for an Uganda Transit Visa online?

Yes, all types of Uganda Visas are available online. A Transit Visa is helpful if you wish to stopover in Uganda as you fly from South Africa to another country. An additional document which you might need to present in a Transit Visa application to stopover in Uganda is the flight ticket to the next country you are going to. The flight must be within 24 hours of your arrival in Uganda for a stopover.

Q. How to submit documents for an Uganda e-visa correctly?

Scans of all the documents regularly required for an Uganda Visa is the way to go when an online method of application is considered. Tourist Visa Online accepts documents each having up to 8 Mb of size at a maximum.

Scan of the bio pages of your South African passport will suffice your passport requirements

A Visa form for an Uganda Visa is a soft copy provided toy ou. It can be filled on from your device itself, thus no scans required for this mandatory paper.

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