Uganda Visa for French Citizens

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If you have heard about Uganda, you will stand mesmerized by just hearing the beauty of the country located in Africa. If you are living in France, you might be more excited only about thinking of making a visit to Uganda. The e-visa will be a perfect choice for you in this regard. The Government of Uganda had also made many different ways of getting y visas and for that you don’t need to even stress about and you can get your visas very easily only by applying through a trusted online site like Tourist Visa Online. Whatever is the reason for which you to visit Uganda but you can easily apply for any visa online and that is a much easier process then going to the embassy and applying for a visa offline. If you are already planning to see the beauty of Uganda, why don’t you give it a chance? It’s very easy if you apply through our portal and apply for an evisa. 

Tourist visa online helps you throughout the process of the application and will always be at your service at anytime you want and you can contact us and at anytime of the day you feel free like without any hesitation and we are always there to help you out. 


Three ways of applying for the eVisa to Uganda 

If you were already planning to travel to Uganda the nation of France will take care of you get you the correct kind of visa. 

Tourist Visa 

This visa is used by those people who are planning to go for a vacation to Uganda. This visa is also issued to them who will be visiting you can the only to visit their friends and family residing there. If you are planning to stay for long then you can apply for the visa. 

This visa gives you a validity of 45 days to stay in Uganda. The tourist visa has the validity for 90 days from when you actually get the visa an is the single entry type of visa and is used for one person at a time. French travellers or visitors can easily use this visa at anytime and go to Uganda to either relax or meet their friends and family or explore the sounds and the sights of Uganda. 

Transit Visa 

If you have any kind of emergency and you need to visit you can tell but only for a few days then you may go apply for this transit visa to Uganda. You have this visa then you will get the validity for three days after you get your visa issued in France. After your work is done or for the emergency you had for which you came to visit Uganda, if you get time then don’t forget to visit the traditional and the cultural landmarks of Uganda. 

East Africa Visa

This kind of visa is especially designed for the travellers who come from the east. It is a fantastic choice for the travellers of the east and the visa validity is for 45 days and in the mean time you can visit Rwanda and Kenya Provided you apply for this visa. 


Documents required for applying a visa to Uganda for French Citizens 

There is a short list of documents that the French travellers need to carry with them while they are visiting Uganda or applying for a visa to Uganda. 

  • The French tourist or the visitor should have the passport which should have the validity for at least six months. 
  • The next most important thing that the French traveler should bring with him is the passport size photo and that should be recent.
  • While You will be applying for a visa to Uganda, they may ask you about your travel plans and your length of visit to Uganda and for that you need to keep with you both arrival and the departure tickets which will be having both arrival and new departure dates as a proof. 
  • You should also provide an email address where the soft copy of the visa will be sent to you on your registered email address after the verification of the visa is done. 
  • You should get your yellow fever vaccination. You should test negative for your yellow fever vaccination and then bring that certificate while you are applying for the visa. 
  • The final thing that is required is the payment is to be done on time after applying for the visa so that you don’t have to go through any hassles for the verification of your visa. 


Cost of the visa 

The visa costs 100 USD and has no restrictions for any country. The visa is non-expandable. 

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