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Popularly known as the “Pearl of Africa”, Uganda is located in the eastern parts of Africa. The country is famous for its diverse flora and fauna along with its mixed cultural beauty. The river Nile and Rwenzori Mountains are the other major attractions of this country.

Other than tourism, people often travel to Uganda for business purposes. In order to ease the entire process, one can conveniently apply for an online visa of any type. This Uganda e-visa system was introduced way back in 2016 and applicants do not need to go the embassy anymore for any visa-related work.

About Uganda e-visa

People from almost every country in the world are eligible to apply for an Uganda e-visa. For instance, some such countries include Australia, India, Germany, Norway and many others. One can apply for an e-visa for various purposes such as medical treatment-related travel, tourism, education and multiple other purposes.

Types of e-visas for Uganda

There are several types of e-visas one can apply for depending upon their need: -

  • Online Uganda tourist visa – This visa allows the applicant to the enter Uganda for one time only and is valid for a duration of 3 months beginning from its date of issue.

  • Multiple entry Uganda e-visa – Applicants usually select this visa type when they need to enter the country at multiple occasions in a certain time period. These visas are issued for a duration of 6 months or 12 months or even 24 months depending upon the applicant’s need.

  • Uganda transit e-visa – If a person just needs to pass through Uganda in order to reach their destination, they need to apply for the transit e-visa.

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Necessities for applying for an e-visa

The necessary items required to order for Uganda’s online visa are: -

  • Passport – The applicant must have a valid passport.

  • Image of Passport information page – The applicant must provide the image of the passport page which contains all the identity details of the person.

  • Photograph of the applicant – A recently clicked passport size photograph of the traveller must also be provided while applying for the visa.

  • Current e-mail account – Along with all the above-mentioned details, an e-mail address is required to receive the final visa.

  • Payment Information – A debit card or credit card are required to make the payment for the visa fee.

  • The applicant also needs to submit a vaccination certificate against yellow fever.

Apart from all these necessities, there are certain other documenting requirements as well depending upon the type of visa one chooses.

Uganda’s e-visa requirements

A person applying online for an ordinary tourist visa of Uganda need not submit any other document. On the other hand, people who have applied for multiple entry e-visa need to comply with the following rules: -

  • A police clearance either from the applicant’s home country or Interpol stating that the applicant has no criminal charges against himself.

  • A letter mentioning the applicant’s purpose of multiple entries. These documents are required for security purposes.

  • All proofs of entries and exits from Uganda in the past 12 months

  • A recommendation letter from one or two referees in Uganda

Additionally, applicants of Uganda’s transit visas need to submit a letter stating their final destination after they have crossed. They also need to mention the exact reason why they need to pass through Uganda.

Visa application fees

The online visa fees depend upon the type of visa and are payable only by debit or credit cards.

  • Diplomatic / Official Visa does not bear any cost.

  • An ordinary visa valid for around 3 months costs approximately $76

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Other necessary details

When applying for this online visa via the official portal, the procedure is divided into 4 steps. It begins from choosing the application type which is then followed by filling the form mentioning all the personal information and passport details. The third step is to attach the necessary support documents and lastly submit everything.

There are some countries in the world people from which do not need a visa in order to entry Uganda. Fiji, Mauritius, Zimbabwe are some such countries along with other 20+ countries.


The procedure to avail an online visa of Uganda is a pretty convenient process with all steps laid out in a self-explained manner. These online visas are provided by Uganda’s e-immigration system under the ministry of Internal Affairs.

All online visa applications must be submitted only to the official e-immigration website or via a widely trusted site such as Tourist Visa Online.

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