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Uganda is a developing African country, and foreign visitors often travel to Uganda for volunteering and social work. The volunteers from different countries who work in non-governmental organizations, churches, institution, and several social campaigns. Every foreign visiting the country for volunteering and social work must apply for Class G a 1 work permit. The Class G 1 work permit is issued by the Directorate of the Citizenship and Immigration Control in Uganda. Volunteering in Uganda for foreign nationals is accepted if they have relevant valid visas or work permits.


Applying for a Class G 1 work permit 

This type of visa is obtained by the volunteers to work in Uganda with official and legal permission. Foreigners planning to do volunteer in Uganda must apply for a work permit well before they leave for the country.

  • Applicants should fill the application form for a Class G 1 work permit.
  • The application form can be collected from the nearby Uganda embassy.
  • The applicants should submit the complete Class G 1 work permit application form at the Uganda embassy with other required documents.
  • Applicants should wait for approval. Volunteers can work in Uganda after obtaining a work permit.

The volunteering work permit is always sponsored by the NGO, organization, or institution for the foreign nationals. 

Requirements for Uganda volunteering work permit 

  • Passport of the volunteer- Volunteers visiting Uganda should check the passport validity before leaving for the trip. The validity should not be less than 6 months to stay in Uganda.
  • Photo of the volunteer needed for the work permit application form.
  • Appointment letter- The appointment letter from the NGO or the organization. The appointment letter is attached for the evidence that the foreign national has been selected as a volunteer.
  • Cover letter-  The cover from the NGO or the organization which will state the position of the applicant. And information and details about the organization or work. The address of the NGO or organization where the foreign volunteer will work.
  • Criminal record report or Clearance letter from the home- The applicants must not have any criminal records. For proof, they ask for a clearance letter.
  • Applicants should also have to attach a copy of the NGO certificate.
  • Copy of graduation Certificates and qualifications certificates.
  • Resume or CV of the foreign national working as a volunteer in Uganda.


 Validity of volunteer work permit

Volunteers from foreign nations can stay in Uganda according to the validity of their visa. Uganda work permit for volunteers can be applied for 24 months and 36 months. They can also apply for 6 months and 12 months Uganda work permits

Class G 1 work permit fees

The visa fee for a Class G 1 work permit which is the volunteer visa depends on the validity period of the permit.

For 6 months work permit, the applicant should pay 125 USD

For 12 months work permit, the applicant should pay 250 USD

For 24 months work permit, the applicant should pay  500 USD

For 36 months work permit, the applicant should pay 750 USD

* Applicants should apply for the validity period which matches with their stay duration or for the duration they are required to volunteer.

If the applicant is traveling for non-paid volunteering in Uganda. And the volunteering period is short and limited. Then the applicants can obtain an ordinary Uganda tourist visa. Uganda tourist visa can be obtained and available for some countries at the airport. Almost every country is eligible to apply for Uganda tourist e-Visa. The applicants visiting Uganda for short-term volunteering in the country can apply for visa on Tourist Visa Online. The applicants should have all the documents needed for the ordinary tourist visa. The ordinary tourist visa will allow the volunteers to stay in the country for 90 days.



Uganda work permit is needed for long-term stay and to work in the country. Volunteering in Uganda and the need to apply for a work permit depends upon the duration, purpose, and other details. 

Apply Uganda Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

According to the visa rules set by the immigration department, the volunteers entering Uganda from a foreign country for more than 90 days should apply for an Uganda work permit.

Foreign nationals who have an invitation letter, cover letter, and other related documents from the relevant organization are allowed to work in Uganda. And, yes it is safe for volunteers to work in Uganda. 

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