What to do if my Uganda visa expired

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If you are not able to return to your country due to certain reasons and your Uganda visa expires. Then, you have two options. To apply for a visa extension from inside the country. Or you should leave the country if you do not have enough time to apply for a visa extension. It is recommended, the visitor or foreigner must not stay in Uganda after the expiry date.

Leave the country

The person with Expired Uganda Visa is not allowed to stay and does not have legal permission to stay in the country. The overstay on an expired visa may create trouble. The person with an Expired Uganda visa can re-enter the country by following ways:

  • Multiple visa entry- If the foreigner has obtained an Uganda visa that allows multiple entries then it is recommended to leave and re-enter the country. Multiple entries are beneficial for such a time. Because a foreigner who holds a visa with multiple entries can enter the country more than one time.
  • Reapply for a visa- For visitors who want to stay more than the validity of a visa can leave the country after the visa expires. Then the applicant can re-apply for the relevant Uganda visa to enter the country.

Apply for visa extension

If you are in Uganda and you still have a valid Uganda visa. Then the applicant can request for visa extension to stay for more time. The immigration rules also the tourist to apply for visa extension. This should be done before your visa expires.

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How to apply for a visa extension for Uganda?

To obtain a Visa extension on your previous visa can only be approved. If you have valid reasons and proper Documents. The process to apply for an Uganda visa extension is:

  • The application form can be obtained from the Uganda embassy or you can download it from Uganda Immigration Authorities.
  • Submit the application form and upload all the documents if you are applying for a visa extension

Documents that are important to be submitted for a visa extension are:

  • Passport
  • Photograph
  • Valid visa
  • Financial documents like a bank statement
  • Medical Requirements

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Processing and decision

The authority or consulate will process your visa. They will check the details, documents and you should not have any criminal records. After the processing of your visa extension request, they will make the final decision. You will receive the message and will be informed about the decision.

If your request for a visa extension is approved, then you can stay in the country. But, if your request for an extension is denied then you have to leave the country. Make sure that you are applying for a visa extension for rational reasons. If all the documents are submitted and if you fulfill the eligibility criteria. Then, the authority will accept your request for a visa extension.

Applicants should contact the authority or check the status of their Uganda visa extension. If they know the expiry date for your valid visa is nearby. If the applicant is staying in the country for work-related or some other important reasons then they should stop their work.

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Procedure to re-apply for a Tourist visa or Uganda visa

If you just want to stay in Uganda for tourists purposes and your Uganda visa expires. Then, you can apply for a tourist visa for Uganda from outside the country. You have to follow the same steps as you followed before to re-apply for an Uganda visa. The process to apply a for Uganda tourist visa

  • Applicants should choose the required information and select the type of visa.
  • Application form for Uganda visa for tourists will be displayed on the screen. Fill and submit the Uganda visa form. Applicants must mention the accurate details about their personal information and details of their passport.
  • Attach the supportive and required document to re-apply for an Uganda visa.
  • Payment- The visa fee is 150.0 USD
  • Processing time- You have to wait for 7 to 9 days. The Uganda visa processing fee is 26.0 USD
  • Keep checking your Uganda visa
  • Obtain your tourist visa for Uganda, you will get a copy of your Visa through e-mail.

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The immigration department and visa policy of Uganda, does not grant permission to stay with an Expired Uganda visa. The visitor can only stay in the country if they have an approved visa extension pass or they should re-enter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The validity of the Uganda visa for tourists is 90 days and the tourist can live and stay in the country with legal permission.

If you do not leave the country after your visa expires, then you may have to pay fines and penalties. If you do not have a valid immigrant visa then the government can take legal action against you.

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