Online Process of Ukraine visa for Vanuatu Nationals

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This article on Ukraine visa for Vanuatu National is meant for all those people who are planning on taking a trip through Europe, and are in need of a visa and travel agency. It is a place often overlooked by tourists due to its current political situation.

However, the country of Ukraine is known to be a great place for history enthusiasts. It has connections with the Soviets before it was broken and crumbled into pieces. 

This nation has a much-diversified culture with elements of both east and west in it. One of the most popular attractions is the museums that date back hundreds of years, its ancient looking towns with cobblestoned paths and rustic walkways.

Furthermore, with your Ukraine visa for Vanuatu citizen you can get an experience of authentic Ukrainian cuisine. It consists of traditional breakfast dishes like Borscht with garlic, potato pancakes, Chicken Kiev, Banush, Okroshka and so much more.

The country also has many modern contemporary places of attraction like shopping complexes, nightclubs, beach bars etc. If you are on a solo trip then you can also choose to stay in hostels and make friends and find companionship for all your adventures.

Continue reading more on the process for Ukraine visa application for Vanuatu National, below.



The primary step of getting your Ukraine visa for Vanuatu citizen involves collecting all the documents that need to be submitted. You can either upload them on the online application website or parcel them to an agency like tourist visa online.

  • Your application form filled completely with the correct information.
  • The original Vanuatu passport with six months validity.
  • Two passport-sized photographs coloured.
  • One of the most important Ukraine visa requirement for Vanuatu citizens is medical insurance in the event that you require covid related medical assistance.
  • A complete itinerary of your travel, with details of accommodation bookings and any other tour bookings.


Application Process

Once you have compiled all the documents, the next step is to submit them along with your application. We have mentioned the steps that you need to follow, below:

  • The embassy in Ukraine had stopped accepting visa applications in October. However, the Ukraine visa application for Vanuatu National service was restarted after the 1st of November.
  • The first step begins with finding a suitable type of visa, it will depend on the kind of trip you are planning to undertake, after discussing with your travel agency.
  • Once you have decided the type, you can get started on filling the form. Enter all the personal, work, travel, medical details you need to.
  • If you are applying online then attach the forms digitally, make the online payment and wait for the email.
  • But if you are applying in person, then you will have to locate a nearby consulate and make an appointment.
  • On the day of the appointment, you can submit the Ukraine visa application for Vanuatu National and hand over the documents and the fees.
  • Once the submission is done, it can take anywhere from 10 days to even a month for your visa to arrive.
  • If you get it in the mail, then make sure to print a hard copy of it and take it to the airport.


Rules for Covid        

Surprisingly, Ukraine does not have a very strict policy for controlling covid. There are no RT-PCR tests or vaccination certifications under the Ukraine visa requirements for Vanuatu citizens.

You will only require a medical insurance if the need for treatment arises. If you do not have insurance already, then a travel agent can always help you get one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, even though the country is in the middle of an ongoing conflict with Russia, its tourism has not changed. The country will still issue your Ukraine visa in Vanuatu.

The fee ranges from $32 to $42, depending on whether you have chosen a double entry or single entry visa option.

Yes, after entering the country with a Ukraine visa for Vanuatu National you can get a 30 days extension on submitting an application to the local embassy.

There are websites such tourist visa online, where you can just enter your destination country and home country and find out your eligibility.

It can take up to 10 days for your Ukraine visa application for Vanuatu National to get processed. This duration can also be shortened to 5 days with an express service that costs extra.

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