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One of the beautiful destinations for many tourists especially from western Europe, Bolivian, Turkey, etc visits Ukraine. The entry policy for foreign nationals is not very strict. The immigration policy state that the Ukraine visa for Bolivia nationals is required. Short stay and long-stay visas must be acquired by Bolivia nationals visiting Ukraine. Bolivia nationals will also need to present health certificates, passports, etc at the Ukraine immigration points. Ukraine government provide visa to Bolivia nationals. All the citizens of Bolivia can apply for a visa from the embassy or obtain it online.

Ukraine e-visa for Bolivia nationals

The Ukraine visa for Bolivia nationals can easily be acquired by filling an application form which will not take much time. The Ukraine e-visa was initiated and issued to eligible foreign nationals. Ukraine e-visa is the electronic travel authorization issued to Bolivia nationals. Ukraine e-visa allows citizens of Bolivia to stay in the country until the validity of the visa. All the tourists from Bolivia planning to spend vacation and holidays in Ukraine can apply for an electronic visa. The Ukraine e-visa is a multi-purpose visa because it can be used for business, sports activities, cultural, medical treatment, study, science, education, etc by Bolivia nationals.


Single Entry Visa and 90 days

The Ukraine e-visa will not be valid for double entry or more than one entry to the country by Bolivia nationals. If Bolivia nationals want to obtain multiple visit visas for Ukraine then they can visit the nearest embassy. Bolivia nationals will be permitted to stay in Ukraine for 90 days with an e-visa. E-visa must be used within 90 days after issuance by Bolivia passport holders. An alternative option of another visa type for Ukraine which can be used within 180 days is also available for Bolivia nationals. Bolivia nationals willing to stay longer than 90 days on Ukraine e-visa must apply for an extension.

Ukraine e-visa fees

Application fee and processing fee must be paid by Bolivia nationals to acquire Ukraine e-visa. All the visitors willing to obtain a Ukraine e-visa for 90 days must pay 110.0USD. The processing fee of e-visa for Bolivia passport holders will be 26.0USD. 

Ukraine e-visa processing time

If Bolivians apply for an e-visa then the processing time of an electronic visa for Ukraine will be fast as compared to an embassy visa. Ukraine e-visa processing time will not last more than 13& 15 days if the data provided by the applicant is correct. The processing time may extend more than 15 days rarely due to error.


Ukraine e-visa steps for Bolivian nationals

Bolivian nationals applying for an electronic visa to visit Ukraine do not have to travel to the embassy. As the whole process of visa application and visa issuance for Ukraine can be done online. Bolivia nationals can apply for Ukraine e-visa by opening tourist visas online.

  • Select nationality as Bolivia, living country name, and visiting country name which will be Ukraine in this case.
  • Choose the relevant visa type according to the duration and purpose to enter Ukraine.
  • Bolivian nationals should need to fill in the required information accurately in the Ukraine e-visa application form. Documents for Ukraine e-visa can be uploaded and attached by Bolivians. Bolivia nationals should attach the scanned image of the Bolivia passport bio page.
  • Fees for Ukraine e-visa which is 110.0 USD can be done online by Bolivians.
  • The status of the Ukraine e-visa application form can be monitored or checked online.
  • Bolivians will receive a digital copy of Ukraine's e-visa sent on their Email ID.

Documents Required for filling the e-visa application form for Ukraine

Bolivia nationals will need some documents for the Ukraine e-visa:

  • Bolivia passport with 6 months validity
  • Active Email ID of the applicant 
  • Debit card/Credit Card/ PayPal account/ Direct bank transfer
  • Passport size photograph

Entry Requirements For Bolivia Nationals Visiting Ukraine

  • Valid Ukraine e-visa or long stay Ukraine visa
  • Valid and original Bolivia passport
  • Documents related to the purpose of entering into Ukraine. Tourists from Bolivia should provide details about plans, duration, and other information to enter Ukraine.
  • Valid health insurance of Bolivians
  • COVID Requirements- Vaccination certificate of Bolivians entering Ukraine, partially vaccinated or non vaccinated foreign nationals from Bolivia must present the negative PCR test results, and Bolivian should follow protocols of COVID to enter Ukraine.



Ukraine visas for Bolivia nationals need to be obtained in advance for and long visits. Ukraine entry requirements for Bolivia state that a visa is a mandatory requirement.

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