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Dominicans travel to Ukraine for tourism, travel, business, medical or other reasons. Dominicans entering the territory of Ukraine need to follow the entry criteria of the country. Ukraine is a brilliant spot and it will be easy for Dominicans to travel to Ukraine for the relevant purpose. Therefore, many travelers from Dominica visit Ukraine every year. Dominicans seeking to cross the border of Ukraine can easily enter the country. The immigration policy of Ukraine state that the Ukraine visa for Dominica nationals is not needed. Ukraine and Dominica have signed a visa-free regime. Dominicans willing to work in Ukraine will need a visa or work permit. Although the visa-free entry to Ukraine does not last for a longer stay or duration.


Ukraine visa-free visit for Dominica nationals

The immigration policy and entry rules allow few countries to obtain visa-free entry to Ukraine. No visa is required for Dominica nationals traveling to Ukraine for a few days. All the foreign nationals from Ukraine visa-free nations do not require to apply for Ukraine visas. The no visa requirement is a beneficial facility for Dominica nationals as they are not restricted to filling online applications or paying fees for Ukraine e-visa. All the Colombian Bolivia nationals wanting to visit Ukraine for travel purposes won't require to obtain Ukraine tourist visa. Vacationers from Dominica can get a free visa visit to Ukraine for a limited stay. Ukraine tourist visa is required by the non-visa-free nation.

Ukraine visa-free visits for Dominica nationals are allowed for the following purposes:

  • for tourism
  • for leisure purposes
  • for travel purposes
  • for visiting relatives
  • for business purposes
  • for medical treatment or other medical reasons
  • for sports and cultural purpose
  • for study, science, education, etc

Visa-Free Stay or Validity For Dominicans Visiting Ukraine

The Ukraine visa-free visit is short-term which will end after a few days. All the Dominica nationals visiting Ukraine for tourism, business, study, medical treatment, etc do not require a visa for 90 days. In other words, the Ukraine visa-free Visit for Dominica nationals is only allowed for 90 days. After 90 days Dominica nationals staying in Ukraine will need a visa or permit. Illegal stay or overstay in Ukraine without a visa may create issues. Therefore, citizens of Dominica should leave Ukraine within 90 days. The Ukraine visa-free entry is only available to a few nations for a limited period. The limited stay validity in Ukraine can be less than 90 days or between 14 to 90 days for a different nation. 


Visa-Free Entry Requirements For Dominica Nationals Visiting Ukraine

  • Dominica passport- Valid passport of Dominica nationals entering Ukraine for entry. The Dominican passport should have validity for at least the next 6 months at the time of entry. Do not use a passport that is not in a good condition and doesn't have a validity of 6 months.
  • Flight tickets- Return flight reservations or tickets to ensure that citizens of Dominica will return.
  • Letter of Invitation or Travel Itinerary- For travel purposes Dominicans should provide the details about their tour to Ukraine. Letter of Invitation for businesses purposes. Other documents related to the purpose of visa-free Visits to Ukraine.
  • Enough funds- The immigration officer or authority will ask for proof of sufficient funds from Dominicans traveling to Ukraine.
  • Health insurance- Health insurance is an important requirement for obtaining visa-free entry to Ukraine


Dominicans can visit and explore beautiful places in Ukraine. The magnificent view, landscape, colorful culture, variety or region, custom, tradition, beautiful cities, etc attract tourists. Odesa, tourists should visit this beautiful southern Ukraine country which is the port city. Black seas and sand beaches in Odesa are the reason to travel to this city. Dominica nationals can visit Odessa National Academic Opera. Or foreign nationals can also visit the famous Ballet Theater in Odessa.  Kyiv, the capital city which is the home to famous Soviet-style architecture and monuments. The Dzharylhach Island, Vorokhta, Zhovkva (small town), and Poltava can be added to the bucket list by Dominicans. Chernobyl is a nuclear plant situated 65 miles away from the capital city in a small town Pripyat.



The Ukraine visa for Dominica nationals does not need to be obtained for 90 days visit to Ukraine. Dominicans should apply for long term visa for Ukraine from the embassy. A visit is longer than 90 days to Ukraine, then Dominicans should obtain the visa.

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