How to Apply Ukraine Visa for Malaysia Nationals

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We all have heard about the country Ukraine which is situated in Europe. It is the second largest country in Europe after Russia. It is a beautiful country which has beaches and finer architecture which provides a delight to the travellers from all over the world. Kyiv Is the largest capital of the country. You will be surprised to know that it is one of the largest grain producers and has a lower middle income economy. Ukraine is also known as a bread basket of Europe. Odesa is a beautiful city located on the Black Sea Coastline and is a place for the tourists to relax. When you are already in Ukraine do not miss out the delicacies like the potato pancakes during the breakfast. Maxim Gorky Park in Kharkiv Is a park Where children can enjoy and even the adults can sit there and spend their time. So, before you are planning to go to Ukraine you must be quite sure that you need an evisa to visit the country. The Malaysian nationals should note that can get online evisa to but they are not one of those countries who do not need a visa to Ukraine. You can apply either by going to the embassy or you can even apply on the online website. But it is recommended that you apply for your visa to Ukraine online itself because the process is faster and you don’t even need to waste your time and also you don’t need to pay any extra kind of charges and you can easily track the status of your visa and moreover, you will be getting the soft copy of the visa via your email.

Tourist Visa Online Will help you to apply for the visa to Ukraine and will update you on the Required information and what ever documents you need. You will also given the updates on the types of the visas that you may apply for as per your need. Even if you have any kinds of doubts while you are filling the application form of the visa then you are very welcome to contact us at anytime of the day and we will help you out throughout the process.


Types of Visas available for Malaysia Nationals when they are planning to visit Ukraine

Tourist Visa – This visa is mainly issued to those people who want to explore the beauty of the country, Ukraine. This visa can also be opted by those people who want to visit their family and friends who are already residing in Ukraine.

Business Visa – This visa is mainly and specifically designed for those people who are already in business fields and want to visit Ukraine for their business purposes. These professionals who want to set up a completely new business in Ukraine after permission or one to expand the growth and the visibility of their business in Ukraine may also apply for this business visa.

Transit Visa – These types of visas are designed for those persons who visit Ukraine for their transit and the validity of this visa is for 5 days. Transit visas are issued as single, double and multiple entry visas which also has the validity for a maximum of 1 year or may be Extended for another year depending on the documents. 

Short term visa – This type of visa is issued to those foreigners who want to visit Ukraine for 90 days within every 180 days and this type of visa is also issued as single or double or multiple entry visas which has a validity of six months but the validity should not extend more than a 5- year period.

Long Term Visa- This visa is issued to those foreigners who want to stay in Ukraine and already has the Ukraine permit residence visa. This is specially designed for those people who want to stay in Ukraine for more than 90 days and the validity of visa is for 90 days. 


Documents required for applying a visa online for Malaysia Nationals to visit Ukraine

  • The applicant must bring the visa application forms duly signed by the applicant himself or herself and should also carry the print out.
  • The applicant must bring the passport which should be valid for at least three months and should not be issued for more than 10 years and also it should have the validity 2 pages blank for the stamps that would be issued at the airport.
  • The applicant must bring his or her one passport size photos which should be the recent one and should have at 80% face coverage with white background.
  • The applicant must bring the paid visa fee receipt as a proof.
  • The applicant must bring the proof of the travel insurance to Ukraine and also their period of stay in the country.
  • The applicant must provide the proof of sufficient funds while their stay in Ukraine.

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