How to Apply Ukraine visa for Micronesia Nationals

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If you would like to get out of the island nation of Micronesia into a more land laden country in the hinterlands, then this article for a Ukraine visa application for Micronesia is for you.

We will be discussing visa application methods, places for sightseeing, booking flights through third parties like tourist visa online and so much more.

Ukraine is located in the northern regions of Europe and comes just after Russia in size. Currently, a majority of the population practises Christianity as the main religion. This is why you will find several modern and ancient churches and buildings of prayers with impeccable architecture.

It is also the eighth most visited country by tourists in the continent of Europe. The country has a beautiful coastline that runs for miles altogether thus creating both popular and lesser known beach destinations; a perfect way to unwind in the summers. 

It has a beautiful natural ecosystem with parks, natural reserves, lakes, rivers, waterfalls etc. The country has many monuments and castles of great historical importance (after World War II) which have been preserved with the utmost care. 

Furthermore, the country has a very unique and popular cuisine which attracts a lot of visitors to local eateries and restaurants on a daily     basis. Further down the article, you will find more helpful information regarding the Ukraine visa for Micronesia Nationals.



The easiest method to apply for the visa would be the e visa. You will not have to engage with a travel agency or visit an embassy. They simply have to fill the online form from the comfort of their homes.  

  • Open the official immigration site for the online Ukraine visa application for Micronesia residents.
  • Fill the form with your passport, personal, medical, contact, travel information etc.
  • Convert your documents into a digital PDF by scanning them and then attaching them with the form.
  • Pay the necessary fee either online or via MasterCard etc.
  • After double checking all the details you can go ahead and submit the forms.
  • Wait for at least 10 days and you should receive it by email.


If you want to avail of the visa on arrival option to get your Ukraine visa for Micronesia citizens, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the visa mfa website for Ukraine.
  • Enter the country you hold citizenship to check the eligibility.
  • Fill the application form and make sure there are no discrepancies in the information you entered. 
  • Before submitting the form, you will have to select a suitable visa centre or embassy situated in Ukraine where you can pick the passport up after arrival.
  • The applicant can talk with travel agents from tourist visa online to discuss which centre would suit them the best.



Below, we present you a compilation of all the papers that need to be uploaded digitally for the Ukraine visa application for Micronesia:

  • Your Micronesia passport must have a six month validity left on it at the time of your landing. 
  • You will also have to make sure that there are a couple of blank pages left, for the airport authorities to stamp your arrival in.
  • One passport-sized photograph taken very recently.
  • If you are on a business trip then presenting the letter of invitation is mandatory. 
  • Bank account statement, preferably with details of the last three months to prove your stability financially. 
  • Also submit details for your accommodation bookings and travel details.
  • Lastly, the application form filled for the Ukraine visa for Micronesians.

Make sure to show these documents to an agent at your travel agency approve the selection of documents before you can submit them online or to an embassy.

Apply Ukraine Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

When applying for the Ukraine visa application for Micronesia, you will have to pay a basic fee of $65.

It is possible to remain in the country for a total of 90 days to 180 days with an extension, on a tourist visa.

If you have filed an application via an embassy then the Ukraine visa for Micronesia Nationals may take 10 days to finish getting processed. However, for urgent cases, you can also avail of an express service of 5 days (with additional costs).

The best way to check your eligibility is through the official website for tourist visa online. The authorities have issued a list of 40 countries that can avail of this service.

One of the Ukraine visa requirements for Micronesia Nationals is that they must have medical insurance to cover any covid treatment costs. Other than that, no mandatory vaccine announcements have been made.

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