How to Apply Ukraine visa for Singapore Nationals

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This article on Ukraine visa for Singapore Nationals is for those who are planning a trip to this beautiful European country. 

There are several agencies like tourist visa online that help visitors with their application process, flight arrangements and also provide any other expert help you might need.

This is the second-largest country in Europe in terms of area and population and the eighth largest in terms of the amount of tourism it gets every year.

Even though the country is in the middle of a war-like situation with Russia, the authorities provide Ukraine visa for Singapore citizens in large numbers.

According to many testimonials, the country is very safe for both domestic and international travellers. It is also popularly known as the Gateway to West, due to an amalgamation of so many different cultures.

Visitors can get the modern vibe in its beaches, nightclubs, music festivals, posh restaurants and they can also experience the contemporary side of the country in its castles, churches, museums, mountains etc.

Continue reading this article further below to find out more about Ukraine visa for Singapore citizens.


Requirements for application

There are a few stipulations that must be met by the applicants before their Ukraine visa application for Singapore Nationals

We have compiled most of the important ones and have presented them below for readers to discuss these requirements with their travel agents:

  • You need to bring along the originals and copies of all the documents needed in exchange for a visa on arrival.
  • If you hold citizenship to a visa free country and are travelling to Ukraine then bringing along a valid passport to prove your identity is mandatory.
  • People who are visiting for business, medical, education or any such reasons need to get a Ukraine visa for Singapore citizens.


Things to know about an e visa

We all know that an electronic visa is one of the easiest methods of application, however below are a few reasons that give substance to this statement:

  • In comparison to other methods of Ukraine visa application for Singapore Nationals, this one costs the least.
  • It also takes just 10 days or 5 days with the express delivery option to get delivered to the applicant.
  • You do not have to get out and contact any third parties like travel agencies for the application.
  • Once the immigration department in Ukraine is done with the processing, they will send it to the applicant in the form of an email.
  • If your application gets rejected due to an error in the form then you can simply apply once more. (You should, however, keep in mind that the fees submitted will not be refunded in any event)



Here is a list of documents that you must put together and make digital copies of:

  • Your passport proving your nationality as a citizen of Singapore.
  • It should be valid for six months and should also have at least two blank pages left.
  • A passport-sized photograph also scanned and turned digital.
  • Your bank account statement as proof that you have sufficient funds for the trip to Ukraine.
  • Copy of your return flight tickets.
  • Medical health insurance document is a mandatory Ukraine visa requirement for Singapore Nationals.
  • Your complete travel itinerary of the places you plan on visiting.

The applicant can consolidate all these documents mentioned above and present them to an agent at tourist visa online. They can help you eliminate any drawbacks in the paperwork and prevent your application from getting rejected.

Apply Ukraine Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

For a 30 and 90 day Ukraine visa for Singapore residents the fee remains the same at $110. 

Yes, it is important for applicants to have their passport validity updated for the next six months, without which you cannot even begin the application.

Medical insurances are an integral part of the Ukraine visa requirements for Singapore Nationals. It is primarily to cover any treatment costs for covid 19 or any other unforeseen accidents/injuries.

After submitting the application you will get an acknowledgement number mailed to you. You can get the details of your status by entering this number on the tourist visa online website.

It is quite easy to get an extension to Ukraine visa for Singapore Nationals. You can visit the nearby local embassy after landing and submit an application stating the reason why you require the extension.

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