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Only at our offices you can extend your visa without any problems! It takes just 10 minutes to do the paperwork, and the cost is very limited per month!  Ukraine is a popular destination for tourists in East Europe, and it provides a range of services for international visitors, which include visa-free entrance.

m visa-required and visa-free nations can apply for an extension of their stay in Ukraine. A request to prolong the authenticity of a visa must always be submitted to the local councils of Ukraine's State Migration Service 3 to 10 business days well before the visa's expiry date.

Regardless of the type of visa visitors have, this same procedure varies. Here are some of the distinctions.

Extending a short-term visa (even if visitors arrived from a visa-free nation):



  • international passport, visa (if required), data on registration of your entrance into includes Ukraine immigration passport (if available)
  • The passport will be accredited in Ukrainian, and an economic assurance will be provided.
  • Evidence of housing association accessibility
  • 4 photographs (3.5 x 4.5 cm)
  • Registration for government payment of a fee (UAH 17)
  • Documents from of the intended recipient: a passport of a Ukrainian citizen / a residential licence (for individuals) or the passport of the executive manager of a legal person, an isolate from the Ukrainian registration of companies, and can arrange for the employment of an employee during a legal person in charge of setting up documentary evidence for foreign nationals (for legal entities ).
  • Correlating entries are made after the State Migration Service of Ukraine makes decisions on the implementation for an extension of stay in Ukraine. If the choice is favourable, the Ukrainian State Migration Service will stamp the document.



  • Once those confirm the authenticity of your visa, visitors could no longer be able to obtain specific assistance. For example, hotel accommodations, account bank opening, notarization services, etc.
  • A fine of a particular amount 
  • Any significant or reiterated visa infractions might very well seriously damage your future entry into Ukraine. In the worst-case scenario, you could be barred from entering Ukraine for several years.
  • Visa renewal is a time-consuming process that necessitates the submission of numerous documents. Furthermore, the best course of action is to not postpone your trip to Ukraine! However, if you are early, be fully cognizant of the above-mentioned repercussions. In most cases, if you had been interrupted for several days due to a simple misunderstanding, the officials would most likely just start releasing you with caution.
  • Disease, pregnancy, and giving birth; compassion for a chronic medical condition; hereditary issues; implementation for immigrants and refugees to Ukraine or Ukrainian citizen status; or going to act as a correspondent for foreign media are all legitimate reasons.
  • One stay can indeed be extended for up to 180 days if needed to resolve the situation.
  • The compelled remain in Ukraine as a result of the natural disaster, disease, or vehicle fix are all valid reasons.
  • One stay could be enlarged for like a while as is required to fix the conflict.
  • Another basis also includes failure to receive a permanent or temporary residency card on time.
  • Your stay may be extended for roughly a month.
  • If you have no justification for extending your stay in Ukraine but do not have a residency card to transfer, it is better to leave the country. And it is more probable that you'll be fined between 1700 and 5100 UAH. However, visitors can prevent deportation and, worse yet, a year-long prohibition from entering Ukraine. But unless you have not yet been deported, it is best to avoid going to the migrant provider.
  • Rather, it is advised to simply make the journey outside (airport, drive etc). The additional benefit is that, unlike with the migratory service, the border police service usually only files a penalty but does not make illegal immigration as well as entrance ban judgements.

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