How to Apply Ukraine Visa for Bhutan Nationals

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As nations of the world look to increase trade and improve relations, many governments have started to enact visa policies that will make travel between nations much easier. Many countries have a visa policy that makes travel much faster for people from a few other nations.

The criteria and restrictions for acquiring a visa to enter Ukraine, on the other hand, are difficult. Furthermore, if you are a Bhutanese national, you must submit the visa criteria to apply for a Ukraine visa. In this post, we will explain how to apply for a Ukraine visa.


What exactly is eTA?

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is a required residency permit for overseas visitors to the country. Foreign nationals from nations other than the United States who are flying to Canada must have an eTA. The eTA is connected to your passport electronically and is valid for five years or until your passport expired, that which comes first. Unless your passport expires before your eTA, you must apply for a new eTA.

How to get a visa to Ukraine.

Ukraine is a popular tourism location. Every year, there are millions of people travel to Ukraine. If you intend to visit Ukraine, you will require a valid Ukraine visa. A tourist visa to Ukraine is valid for one entry. The visa is only good for 30 days. A visa is only valid for one entrance. A visa permits you to enter Ukraine's territory once (no repeated entries are permitted) and stay for the period indicated on the visa. The duration begins on the day of arrival into Ukrainian territory. You may now book your online visa application from the comfort of your own home.

What are the documents for getting a visa to Ukraine?

Getting an entry visa to Ukraine is not always easy for Bhutanese nationals. To avoid undue delays, it is generally best to provide several copies of the invitation letter with the same information and to fill out all the required fields on the visa application form.

However, the visa requirements for Bhutanese citizens are not that strict. Citizens of Australia can obtain visas on arrival in Ukraine if they are traveling for tourism purposes. Unless you're going to Ukraine for work, you'll need to get a visa ahead of time. The same is true for studying since you will need to secure a student visa to enter this nation. Here are included the few documents that are required for an online application for a Ukraine visa, such as your visa must be valid for at least 3 months after the scheduled departure date from Ukraine; A visa must have been issued for no more than ten years. one passport-sized picture; the completed visa application form the submission proof of sufficient funds to cover the costs of your stay; proof of an invitation letter from Ukraine; proof of sufficient funds to cover the costs of your stay; payment receipt of the visa application; etc. 


How do you get an official Ukrainian invitation letter?

Ukraine is a historically significant country that has been the home of several ancient civilizations. A country where east meets west, Ukraine is a uniquely diverse destination, offering fascinating cities, ancient churches, picturesque vineyards, medieval castles, endless sandy beaches, soaring mountains, mighty rivers, natural spas, and friendly people.

Meanwhile, to obtain a Ukraine visa, a Bhutan national passport holder needs an invitation from a resident or a Ukrainian legal entity. The primary documentation that must be presented with the visa application is an original invitation. A document inviting you to Ukraine is needed to obtain a Ukrainian visa. You can also get an official Ukrainian invitation letter if you are invited to Ukraine by an individual. He or she must be a citizen of Ukraine or an individual who has permanent residence in Ukraine. If you are invited by a legal entity, it must be registered in Ukraine.

What is the procedure for obtaining a Ukrainian visa?

A Ukrainian visa is an authorization document issued by the government of Ukraine to a foreigner, allowing them to enter Ukrainian territory, cross the country's borders, transit through the international transit zone of airports, use the services of transportation companies, stay in the territory of Ukraine over the period determined in the visa. A visa is not an entry permit. An entry permit is a separate document, required from citizens of certain non-visa-required countries.

However, the process of getting a Ukrainian visa is simple, but it requires you to adhere to the visa application procedures. To get a Ukrainian visa, you first need to obtain an invitation letter. You must complete your online visa application and submit all required documentation. Somehow, it will take a few days to process your visa application.



Ukraine is a lovely country with a diverse cultural heritage. It has a lot of places to explore, and it is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Ukraine has various features that contribute to its popularity as a tourist destination. Another thing that makes the country a popular tourist destination is the fact that it offers visas on arrival to some of the nationals of other countries. 

Many people want to visit the country, and some of them do not even get a chance to do so because of financial and other issues. However, for nationals of some countries, a visa is not a problem and they can enjoy the best of the country’s culture and beauty. If you are a Bhutan national and want to visit Ukraine, you will need to apply for a visa on arrival. We tried to explain the Ukraine visa requirements in this article, and if you have any questions, you may review this guide.

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