Detailed Process of Ukraine Visa for Myanmar Nationals

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So, what comes in your mind first when we talk about potato pancakes? Maybe You won’t be able to guess it, so, on that excuse let there be another hint for you to guess the place. The country also has a beautiful city which is located on the Black Sea Coastline and is a place for relaxing and its name is Odessa. Even now if you also can’t guess the name of the country then you must know about the country which is so beautiful. The country about which the above hints were given is Ukraine which is located in Eastern Europe. Kyiv Is a place in Ukraine which is the cultural capital of the country is famous for its renaissance square and the hilltop castle. You will be surprised to know that Ukraine is a largest producer of the grain and is also known as the bread basket of Europe. Maxim Gorky Park in Kharkiv Is a must visit for the travellers who are visiting Ukraine with their children because this is a place that all the children will love to visit. So reading about the beautiful places of hearing won’t work now you may be planning to get out of your shackles of everyday life and spend some holidays in Ukraine. So before you are planning to visit Ukraine you must need an evisa to visit the country. It is now an opportunity for the Myanmar nationals to visit Ukraine because there is an Advantage of applying for the visa online. Even you can apply for your visa to Ukraine via the embassy but it is more recommended to you that you apply for your visa to Ukraine online because it is not only time saving but also you will get your authenticated visa in a very faster process. Even you will also get the opportunity to track the current status of your visa and you will also get the soft copy of the visa via your email through which you will be applying your visa. The embassy will give you a hard copy of the visa so it is better to carry the soft copy in case if the visa gets lost then you need to go through many hassles.

Tourist Visa Online Helps you to process and apply for the visa online to Ukraine and also will give you the updated information about the required documents that you need to carry while you are applying your visa to Ukraine and also you will Should be given information about different types of visas and you can apply for the correct type of visa according to your need. Even if you are having any kind of doubts while you’re applying for the visa through our website then please feel free to contact us at anytime of the day and we will help you out through the best possible ways.


Types of visas that are available for the Myanmar citizens to visit Ukraine

Tourist Visa – As the name already suggest this visa is used for tourism purposes and also is issued to the people who want to visit the family and other relatives who are already residing in the country and also to those who want to spend their quality time and their holidays in Ukraine.

Business Visa – This visa is used for business purposes and is issued to only those professionals who want to set up a new business in Ukraine after they get the legal permission and also, This visa is applied to those who Have already set up a business in their home country but want to expand their business in Ukraine as well.

Transit Visa – This visa is issued to those foreigners or the foreign travellers to Ukraine who Visits Ukraine only as transit to other country and this visa is valid for 5 days only. This visa can be extended up to for a maximum of one year or even another year but depending on the supporting documents that the applicant has.

Short term visa – This visa is specifically given to those foreigners who visit Ukraine for 90 days within 180 days and this visa is issued in single or double or multiple type entries and is valid for 6 months and can be extended only up to 5 years depending on the documents.

Long Term visa – This visa specifically designed for those foreigners who want to stay in Ukraine for more than 90 days and has already the residence permit temporarily and this visa is also issued in either single or double or multiple type entries and is valid for 90 days.


Documents required for applying a visa online for Myanmar nationals to visit Ukraine

  • The passport that the applicant must be carrying should not be issued for more than 10 years, should have two blank pages for the stamps and also should be valid for at least three months from the date of the departure.
  • The applicant must carry one passport size photo.
  • The applicant must also carry the page visa receipt and also the visa application forms which should be duly signed by the applicant himself or herself.
  • The applicant must have the proof of the travel insurance of the Ukraine and their period of stay in Ukraine.
  • The applicant must also carry the proofs of the sufficient funds that they will be getting while their stay in Ukraine.

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