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Any foreign national who is not a citizen of the visa-free nation will require a visa for Ukraine to enter the country. It means a Ukraine visa for Timor Leste nationals is required irrespective of the duration of stay inside the country.  The Ukrainian visa is the visa used to enter from the different immigration points of Ukraine. The Ukrainian government provides different types of visas according to the duration and purpose of visit to the country. The immigration policy of Ukraine assigns entry rules on every foreign national depending on the nationality for crossing the borders.


Ukraine Visa For Timor Leste Nationals

Timor Leste nationals need to obtain a visa for Ukraine if they have any plans to enter the country. Timor Leste nationals can apply for C Type visa for Ukraine if they are visiting the country for a few days. The C-type visa is issued for short periods to foreign nationals. Ukraine multiple visit visa and longer stay visa come under D type visa. Timor Leste nationals should obtain D-type visas for multiple visits. Timor Leste nationals should have valid and original documents for obtaining long-term and short-term visas for Ukraine.

Ukraine e-visa for Timor Leste Nationals

Timor Leste nationals should receive visas for Ukraine online. Timor Leste nationals are eligible for Ukraine e-visa. This is a short-term visa and falls under the C category Ukrainian visa. The Ukraine e-visa for Timor Leste nationals is the most convenient option. The Ukraine e-visa for Timor Leste nationals allows them to enter and stay in the country for 90 days. Ukraine e-visa for Timor Leste nationals is the single entry visa.  The e-visa for Ukraine can be used for 90 days in 180 days after the issuance. If Timor Leste nationals apply for 90 days Ukraine e-visa validity then the visa will remain valid for 90 days from the issued date.

Processing time

Timor Leste nationals can get their visa in two weeks after sending the application for Ukraine e-visa. Processing time is 13 to 15 days which can extend in some cases. If the applicant hasn't submitted important documents or written wrong information then the approval may take time.



The cost of a 90-day single-entry Ukraine e-visa for Timor Leste nationals is 110.0 USD. The processing cost for Ukraine e-visa is 26.0 USD 

Ukraine e-visa requirements for Timor Leste nationals

  • Timor Leste passport- The digital image of Timor Leste's national passport needs to be submitted. Timor Leste national must also carry a valid passport having at least two empty pages at the airport or entry points. The validity of the passport should need to be valid for three months after the expiry date of the visa.
  • Passport size photo- Photograph should have white or light shade background.
  • Proof of sufficient money to visit Ukraine 
  • Email ID of the Timor Leste nationals to get an e-visa online.
  • Medical insurance of a minimum of $35,000 

Ukraine e-visa steps for Timor Leste nationals

Timor Leste nationals can apply for Ukraine e-visa from tourist visa online. The 90 days visa can also be issued for tourism and business purposes to visit the country.

  • Open tourist visa online webpage to receive an online visa for Ukraine.
  • Timor Leste nationals should select the visa category for Ukraine
  • An online form for a Ukraine visa needs to be filled by Timor Leste nationals.
  • Upload necessary documents including a scanned image of Timor Leste's passport after completing the Ukraine visa application form.
  • Online transactions for Ukraine e-visa fees can be done by credit card, Debit card, Direct bank transfer, or PayPal account.
  • Timor Leste nationals can also track the status by entering the application number of the Ukraine e-visa.
  • Receive e-visa for Ukraine sent via email. Timor Leste nationals should download the e-visa and keep a copy of it for future use.



Ukraine is located in the eastern part of Europe and is one of the largest European nations after Russia. Ukraine is an amazing nation roosted and settled on the Black Sea. The mixture of the urban area, conventional towns, and rich culture and history make it an incredible place for visitors. Kiev (capital of Ukraine) is the main spot for tourists arriving in-country. Religious and historical chapels, architectures, traditional, cultural, sporting activities, etc are the reason to visit Ukraine for tourism. One of the best tourist spots in Kiev is Maidan Nezalezhnosti station. Pyrohiv, the outdoor museum which is also a wonderful location and depicts the history, culture, and Ukrainian architecture. Kiev Metro Bridge in Ukraine is the metro bridge is located near Dnieper River. Ukraine is the best option for tourists looking for recreational activities and a break.


The Ukraine visa for Timor Leste nationals needs to be obtained in advance or before entering the country.

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