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When it comes to the most attractive counties in central Asia, Uzbekistan is the choice you wanna make. Uzbekistan is a small country located in central Asia. Famous for the unending beauty of the Silk Road, Uzbekistan has a lot more to offer, whether it's the beauty of its mountains or famous historical places. You can come across various beautiful places like architecture inspired by the Taj Mahal, various archaeological and natural treasures, and a unique experience of sweeter watermelons. 

The best time to visit Uzbekistan is in Spring( March-May) and in Autumn (September- early November). During the time of spring, the skies are clear and the weather is pleasant due to the wind and during the time of autumn, the weather begins to be a little cooler again as the summer heat starts to wear off.

Here is a seasonal overview for your convenience in visiting Uzbekistan:

Spring Season (March to May)

This is recommended to be the best time to visit Uzbekistan as the weather is lovely during the time of spring season. Just as the temperature starts to rise, the weather is not too cold and due to regular wind and breeze, the weather is pleasant enough for you to have a great time traveling and exploring through the most popular Silk Road and The Golden Valley. There is a possibility of mild rainfall during the time of the march, but the rainfall is not extreme enough to hinder your plans to travel and explore.  

If you love festivals, then this is the best time to visit as you can even get an opportunity to take part in the Silk and Spices Festival held in May which signifies the celebration of old Uzber arts and craft, culture, and ancient traditions. 

The average temperature in the Spring season in Uzbekistan is around 71-88 degrees Fahrenheit / 22-31 degrees Celsius. The rainfall is very mild, around 40-90mm.

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Summer Season (June to August)

This season is considered as the season for incredible heat and sweltering as the temperature rises very much and it becomes extremely hot in Uzbekistan. Even though this season is a high tourist season due to the summer holidays, it is not recommended to visit Uzbekistan during this season because of the extreme heat. 

You will not be able to walk around or even go for any road trip due to the unbearable heat, so it’s better not to visit in this season. But if you visit, it’s better to stick to traveling to places with good air conditioning for your good as you wouldn’t wanna fall sick due to extreme heat on a trip. 

The average temperature in the summer season in Uzbekistan is around 99-103 degrees Fahrenheit / 37-39 degrees Celsius i.e. the heat is very high. In July and August, the weather becomes incredibly humid and balmy as these two months are considered the hottest months in Uzbekistan. The rainfall is very minimal in the summer season i.e around 4-24mm. 

Autumn Season or Fall Season (September to November)

The Autumn season is considered the best time to visit Uzbekistan as this is the time of initiation towards the winters when the heat wears off completely and the weather becomes pleasant for you to explore around. Also, around this season there is less crowd as there is less number of visitors, thus giving you enough time and chance to have a better experience traveling around the country.  This season offers various cultural experiences to its visitors like the Buddhist city of Termez, the Minaret of Islam hodja, and various places depicting the ancient culture of Uzbekistan. 

Your trip to Uzbekistan is worthless if you visit there in Autumn and still do not experience the best flavors you have never tasted before, whether it’s ‘Plov’ or ‘Samsa’, they have got it all to make you love the country even more. The fall season is the time when the country enters the face of harvesting, thus you can experience the best varieties of cuisine and explore various tastes of food in Uzbekistan. 

The average temperature in this season is around 54-94 degrees Fahrenheit / 12-34 degrees Celsius. The rainfall is around 9-58mm and majorly the weather around all over the country is stunning and lovely. 

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Winter Season (December to February)

Winters in Uzbekistan can be very cold due to the strong wind that makes it a low season for tourists to visit this place. But don’t lose heart because low season means huge discounts, thus you can have a cheaper trip with great experiences under your smaller budget. 

Even though there is extreme cold, still the beauty of the country does not fade as the country is covered in snow which makes it even more beautiful. The temperature is low but does not cross 0 degrees, thus for all the snow lovers, here’s your chance to travel around a beautiful country under a small budget and a lot to explore. 

If you love to photograph, then this is the best season for you to visit Uzbekistan as due to very little or almost no visitors it is very easy to capture magnificent pictures around the country. You can even explore the beautiful museums, galleries, and markets without worrying about the enormous crowd.

The average temperature in the Winter season is around 49-53 degrees Fahrenheit/ 9-12 degrees Celsius. The rainfall expected is around 38-87mm and the cold is expected to be lesser than in other countries in Central Asia. This is your chance to explore Uzbekistan covered with snow, increasing its beauty even more than before. The best time to visit Uzbekistan is in spring as in summers it gets hot and in winters there are slight winters.

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