Uzbekistan business visa requirements

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A foreign business official who desires to work in Uzbekistan needs to apply for a Type E work visa. Prior to the application for a visa, the applicant must have a Corporate Work License at hand. This makes it easier for the company or the country to hire professionals. The affiliate in Uzbekistan who is responsible for bringing in the foreign national should provide a valid reason for appointing the respective job. The affiliate should also prove that there is no local citizen who is fit for the job and can give a satisfactory performance. If proved, the procedures can begin. the applicant will also need to apply for a work permit in Uzbekistan.

Requirements for officials appealing for business visas


Entry past the Uzbekistan borders without a verified passport that proves the identity citizenship passenger is coming from is considered a violation of laws. The passport should be valid for at least 6 months or above from the date of compliance. The applicant must provide the original signed passport. At least one blank page should be left empty for visa stamp purposes. The contemporary passport should not display any signs of damaged or unraveled which will decrease the chances of the visa getting accepted.

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  • Most recent photograph preferably passport-sized
  • The passport size photo should be colored

The photograph should be taken within the span of the last 3-4 months. The photo should be then printed and display the finest quality. A white background is recommended. The capture should have a clear view of the head, ears, and eyes exhibiting an impartial expression. Use of unnecessary accessories is not allowed such as glasses or headwear. Headwear is exceptional for religious beliefs.

The photograph should not be glued, stapled, or taped to the application form. The size of the photo can be 2*2 inches on both sides. Two photographs of the same size can suffice the requirement

Documents relating the travel to the country:

A plane ticket authorizing the applicant's arrival in the country. This document is issued in the respective home country.

Visa application form verifies that the business officials are eligible to enter the country. It should be duly signed by the business official. Uzbekistan has installed a computerized visa application form. The application must be filled online and then printed. The application form should be filled otherwise there will be a glitch during the process. The sign on the application form should be the same as that on the passport. A minimum of two copies of the visa application form is required.

The visa can also be applied from the respective home countries. The application process will be in-person at your nearest Uzbek embassy. Visa Application forms should be filled in English only. A duplicate copy of the letter of invitation from inviting partners in Uzbekistan except for citizens of the USA, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Latvia, the Czech Republic including Malaysia

Applicants from the US, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Latvia, Czech Republic, and Malaysia visas may be approved within 3-5 business days. For applicants of the rest of the countries processing of visa applications may take up to 10 business days. Transit visas are an exception.

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Letter of invitation:

 A request letter made by the affiliate in Uzbekistan states the purpose of applicant arrival, related to business motives, etc. The responsibility of submitting the letter lies entirely on the company in Uzbekistan presenting the applicant.

The letter should be submitted and approved by the ministry of foreign affairs before the applicant's arrival.

The letter should include the applicant's company details including mailing address. The statements should be clearly stated and pointed out. You can browse for business cover letter formats on Google. It should also include the details of the organization in Uzbekistan such as local address and phone numbers. The letter should also list the duration of stay of the applicant and if they plan to extend the visa.

Uzbekistan Visa Fee

The visa fee for Uzbekistan may vary from country to country.

Single entry

  • Stay: 30 days Validity: 3 months Visa fee: USD 88
  • Stay: 30 days Validity: 3 months Visa fee: USD 68


  • Stay: 30 days Validity: 1 month Visa fee: USD 70
  • Stay: 30 days Validity: 3 months Visa fee: USD 106
  • Stay: 30 days Validity: 6 months Visa fee: USD 285
  • Stay: 30 days Validity: 12 months Visa fee: USD 455

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In urgent cases

In case of a faster application, the affiliated person must ask the local ministry to speed up the process which will then notify the Uzbek embassy in the respective home country. Generally, the visa services in Uzbekistan do not control the duration of the process.

However, the rush process might cost you an extra amount.

If the work visa is approved, foreign applicants should travel within 30 days duration to Uzbekistan. The work visa is valid for 30 days. After arriving in Uzbekistan, applicants must register their address at the local police or OVIR. Once they have been granted their work permit the business officials are allowed to start working in the country. In-person applicants can pay the fees while collecting the approved visa.

If the approval is denied it's probably due to an incomplete application. Yet the applicant is denied their entry visa to Uzbekistan, the Consular Section of the Embassy has the right to provide no valid explanation.

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