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Uzbekistan it is a  landlocked country, in the regions of  central Asia and the former Soviet Republic. Uzbekistan is surrounded by 5 countries: Tajikistan from the southeast, Afghanistan is in the south, Kazakhstan is in the north, Turkmenistan is in the southeast. The capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent.

Uzbekistan is mostly known for the mosques and mausoleums and there are other sites on the silk road, which was the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean. On the route there is a major city in the name of “Samarkand ”, which has landmarks from the Islamic architecture like the Registan, there is a mosaic-covered religious school.

The currency used in Uzbekistan is “Uzbekistani som” which equals 1 Uzbekistani som equals 0.000094 united states dollars.

Climate in Uzbekistan  

There are usually hot summers in the country, then it gets mild winters.

Cuisine in Uzbekistan  

The cuisine is mostly influenced by locals. There is grain farming in Uzbekistan, that is why bread and noodles are the staple food of China. They also prefer to eat mutton as it is available in abundance there

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Benefits of traveling solo 

  1. it is cheaper than traveling in a group
  2. you will socialize more
  3. you will be your boss
  4. you will trust yourself more
  5. this will help you boost your confidence
  6. it is good for your well being
  7. You will start to enjoy your own company
  8. This will help you know yourself better
  9. This will help you get out of your comfort zone.
  10. It will help you in developing your personality.

Visa policy of Uzbekistan

Few countries are exempted by the government of Uzbekistan to get a visa. These citizens can travel to Uzbekistan without any hassle. 

The government of  Uzbekistan has a visa policy in which they provide e-visa. This e-visa is valid for up to 30 days, the fee charged for this e-visa is $20. Tourist traveling to Uzbekistan has to apply for visa 3 days in advance.

Covid guidelines to enter Uzbekistan

 Due to the covid outbreak all over the globe, there are some Covid Guidelines, that are needed to be followed:-

Tourist entry

The government of Uzbekistan has only allowed tourists from specific countries to travel.

Quarantine required

Yes! A quarantine period is necessary for all tourists traveling from anywhere around the globe.

Testing for COVID

all the tourist traveling from around the globe, they must have a negative report of COVID. The test report should be 72 hours before the arrival in the country.

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Solo traveling in Uzbekistan 

Uzbekistan is a landlocked, country with many friendly people, you will need a lot of friendly people as you are traveling alone. Traveling alone can be a dream of a lifetime as many people don’t dare to travel alone.

the major concern for a solo traveler is safety, Uzbekistan is the safest country for a solo traveler or anyone. While traveling alone you can change the route whenever you want, you don’t have to depend on other members.

Uzbekistan being a country of breath-taking views and big Islamic architecture can stop anywhere you want. Uzbekistan is the country of flavors, there is a restaurant or an earing place everywhere. You can eat anywhere you want without asking others.

The most detail a solo traveler must keep in mind is the location familiarity. The traveler should know what will face in a country like will they face cold or there will be summers.

The ideal time for a solo traveler to travel in Uzbekistan is in the spring and Autumn. The main reason to travel in spring or autumn is that Uzbekistan is a mostly desert region. so if you will travel in summer or winter, then it will be harsh for you, then you will not be able to see all the locations.

There are numerous female travelers, who have told that Uzbekistan is the safest country. while they were traveling alone.

Visa for solo travelers 

USA, Canada, India, countries of the EU, and Australia the citizens of these countries can get visa on arrival. The citizens of these countries have to just fill a standard application form, pay the visa application fees. After 2- 3 days you will get the visa on your E-mail.

The person traveling will get a visa for 30 days.  Uzbekistan is an Islamic country, due to the high population of Muslims. But this is the most liberal country ever

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You need to follow the dress code, but you need to be comfortable in what you wear as a solo traveler.


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