Uzbekistan Travel Advisory

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While planning on your long-awaited trip to Uzbekistan, you might come across some questions, that leaves you wondering what to do?

Are you packing the right clothes, should you be more careful on the streets, what shall you be cautious of and many more. As a traveller, you would wonder about Uzbekistan travel restrictions.

In cases like this everyone needs some advice.

We in this blog will walk you through some travel advice that you would need while you are touring Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan travel Advisory for COVID19

Here is some general advice for travellers travelling to Uzbekistan during the Pandemic.

  • Keep up with the latest health information from the government of Uzbekistan.
  • You should postpone your travel plans during Covid if you have any existing health conditions.
  • If you take medication, keep your prescription in your carry-on luggage.
  • When you arrive at the airport, you will be subjected to some testing.
  • You may also need to be secluded for a short period if necessary, so plan ahead of time.
  • Check your travel health insurance to see if it's up to date.
  • To get Uzbekistan airlines to travel advisory, get in direct contact with your airline for wanting to remain updated about the information. Ask them about the sanitary conditions and psychical distancing rules being followed in place to reduce the risk of Covid.
  • Make sure you take all the required measures like sanitizing your hands from time to time, wearing masks and maintaining distance from people to keep yourself safe and healthy throughout your trip.

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Safety and Security

Uzbekistan government requests all foreign nationals to keep these travel safety tips

In mind, as it would help them to avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.

  • Even though you won’t face any violent crime in Uzbekistan, you might be subjected to petty theft or burglary. Ensure that you do not leave your items unguarded and that you safeguard your possessions.
  • If you plan to drive a car, then you would be needing to carry your valid UK driving licence with you. It’s better if the licence is translated into Uzbek or Russian.
  • Uzbek roads can be difficult and dimly lit, so one has to be very cautious while driving
  • It would be best if tourists book a taxi through a reputable organisation.
  • If you are travelling a long distance on the train, then you should be very careful about your belongings. You would require to show your visa while booking a train ticket.

Local Laws

The traveller needs to be aware of these local laws so that they can smoothly travel and navigate through the local areas without offending anyone.

  • Uzbekistan citizens mainly follow the Islam religion. Tourists are advised to respect their religious and cultural sentiments.
  • Carry your visa with you all the time, as the officers in charge could ask you to present your Uzbekistan visa at the needed time.
  • If found using or selling illegal drugs, you could be fined or even be imprisoned for over 20 years.
  • You are not allowed to click pictures of government buildings or officers in charge.
  • The use of drones will lead you to detention.
  • British nationals who no longer are residents in the UK are not allowed to adopt a child from Uzbekistan.

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Uzbekistan Entry Requirements

To enter Uzbekistan, one must meet these prerequisites.

  • To enter Uzbekistan, you are asked to submit your negative PCR report for Covid-19.
  • You will be further subjected to some basic temperature checks. If you are seen with Covid symptoms you will be isolated for a said period in the government facility.
  • British nationals are allowed to transit through Uzbekistan via air.
  • Do not even think of overstaying your visa, even if it is for a very short period you will have to face fines and possibly even deportation. If you wish to stay longer than the expected period applies for a visa extension in Embassy before your visa expires.

Money and Currency

You need to carry enough cash as credit cards are not accepted beyond major tourist spots in Uzbekistan. Remember to exchange your US dollars in the exchange booth and not in any other place as it is illegal in Uzbekistan to exchange currency in the black market and if found doing so you will face severe consequences.

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In Conclusion

You need to follow these Uzbekistan travel safety tips and restrictions for a better experience on your tour.

You must abide by the visa policy and Uzbekistan travel advisory to make things easier for you and the authorities in charge.

Further to simplify your visa process and to get better guidance about your trip, you can connect with Tourist Visa Online to simplify the whole process for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you abide by the Uzbekistan safety tips issued by the government for tourists, you can safely and smoothly enjoy your trip to Uzbekistan.

Yes, you would require an Uzbekistan visa to enter Uzbekistan if you do not belong to the list of visa-free countries.

Uzbekistan Travel Advisory guides you about Uzbekistan Travel restrictions, safety tips and requirements for travelling to Uzbekistan.

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