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Visa necessities for Indonesian residents are managerial section limitations forced on residents of Indonesia by the specialists of different states. As of January 2020, Indonesian residents had without Uzbekistan visa or visa on appearance admittance to 71 nations and domains, positioning the Indonesian identification 73rd as far as movement opportunity (attached with Tanzania and Zambia) as per the Henley Passport Index. Indonesia is likewise a piece of ASEAN and has sans visa admittance to these nations.

Uzbekistan Visa Requirements 

There are some Uzbekistan Visa Requirements for the Tourist Visa: 

1. Duplicate of filled Uzbekistan Online Visa Application and endorsed by the candidate. 

2. One Color Photograph(Recent One). You need to join the color photo to your application structure. 

3. The Uzbekistan visa ought to be substantial for somewhere around 90 days more than the time of stay in Uzbekistan. It ought to likewise have 1 clear page. 

4. Valid Email address. 

5. Uzbekistan Visa copy. 

6. Need to pay the Uzbekistan e-Visa expenses on the web.

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Types of Uzbekistan visa

1) Tourist Visa: 

Need to visit Uzbekistan for a little unwinding and happiness. The traveler visa has a stay legitimacy of 30 Days and is non-extendable. Most Importantly you can't begin a business and get utilized under any association with this visa. The Uzbekistan visa is valid for 90 Days. You can apply for this visa online by filling the Uzbekistan visa application structure online. 

2) Business Visa: 

Assuming you need to go to conferences, gatherings, meetings, or courses then you need to apply for this Uzbekistan visa. With this visa, you can remain in Uzbekistan for 30 Days. This visa is likewise non-extendable. Uzbekistan Business Visa can likewise be applied online without any problem. Uzbekistan Business Visa Requirements are not the same as the Tourist Visa. Satisfy every one of the necessities and get the visa online.

3) Transit Visa: 

Assuming you need to remain in Uzbekistan for a brief timeframe to go to your ahead flight then you need to apply for the Transit Visa. You need to apply for this visa before your excursion to Uzbekistan. The Uzbekistan transit visa is substantial for 3 Days. 

Apply Uzbekistan visa for Indonesian citizens

Uzbekistan visa is free for Indonesian citizens who want to stay maximum for upto 30 days then they don't need to apply for Uzbekistan visa. If they don't apply for 30 days and other visa issues then they need to follow the steps below:-

Before applying for an Uzbekistan visa, travelers need to know about the eligibility and agreements for entrance.

To enter the nation, Indonesian citizens need to fill the Uzbekistan visa application structure. They will be needed to fill the structure by sharing individual data, installment, and getting an Uzbekistan visa


  1. Select the citizenship and living sort 
  2. Uzbekistan Visa type
  3. Individual data, for example, Full name, Gender, Date of birth, Qualifications, Reason of movement and so on 
  4. Upload all the filled documents.


After uploaded the following stage to choose the installment for Uzbekistan visa. 

  1. Pick Payment mode - Credit card charge card, paypal and so on.
  2. Browse your email to Confirm the installment confirmation mail. 
  3. Now get an application ID. 

Pick the advantageous installment mode and cautiously pay the specific handling charge that is needed for Uzbekistan visa.  


Subsequent to finishing paying the handling expenses for the Uzbekistan visa

  1. Check the situation with your Uzbekistan visa 
  2. Download the Uzbekistan visa through email after endorsement  
  3. Verify the visa through a link that is sent in your mail. 
  4. Prepared to go to Uzbekistan. 

Everybody ought to have their Uzbekistan visa so ensure prior to setting down the plane you need to check every one of the things that is needed to pass through Uzbekistan. Without a visa, you can't visit Uzbekistan. 

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Things to Note Before Applying For The Visa 

Regardless of whether you apply for a Tourist Visa or Business Visa you generally need to give Authentic Documents. Submitting the right documents is vital. Documents are checked by the Visa Authorities. On the off chance that they track down any off-base archive, your application will be dismissed. Additionally, the photos of the records you submit ought to be excellent. Each report ought to be obviously noticeable. On the off chance that the Authorities demand any further changes in your report, you ought to promptly roll out the improvements. On the off chance that your application gets dismissed, you will not get any clarification for it. 


Uzbekistan visa is not allowed for Indonesian citizens a maximum of 30 days but they are requested to check all the details of their Uzbekistan visa. It is recommended to apply for an Uzbekistan visa online through a Tourist visa online to get a visa within hours.

Apply Uzbekistan Visa

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