Uzbekistan Visa for Pakistani National

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If you are a citizen of Pakistan who wishes to travel to Uzbekistan as a tourist or on business, then this article on Uzbekistan Visa for Pakistani National is for you.

Uzbekistan is a beautiful country with a very rich culture and heritage. However, it often gets side-lined as a popular tourist destination. We are going to tell you about some of the most popular destinations to check out, the process of getting your visa approved and how to choose an experienced travel agency.

This landlocked country of Uzbekistan is situated in central Asia after its formation post the USSR breakdown. It is most popular for all its Islamic architecture and well as the famous silk route which is centuries old. 

It serves as a treat for the eyes of those who appreciate ancient art and architecture. You should also visit Samarkand, one of the country’s most famous structures. It is made of three pillars carved ornately that stand as a guard for a plaza that dates back to the 15th to 17th centuries.

Check out the beautiful citadels, mausoleums as well as museums with great history. All the while, you can also enjoy some of the more contemporary restaurants, local markets etc. 

Continue reading the article below to find out how to get Uzbekistan visa from Pakistan. 



If you are applying for an e-visa, a tourist visa, business visa or any other type of Uzbekistan visa from Pakistan, you will have to submit a few documents as part of the application. 

Even if you are not using the services of a travel agency, it would be better to at least consult the experts present at tourist visa online. They will go through your documents and determine if they are authentic enough to use or not.

Here is a list of the documents you need to prepare:

  • Passport showing your Pakistan nationality, it should also be valid for the next six months after entering the country.
  • A copy of your application form filled and signed duly.
  • The visa fee, which can be submitted online.
  • One passport-sized picture, coloured.

The Uzbekistan visa requirement for Pakistani citizens includes a few more things if you have opted for a business visa:

  • An invitation letter from the company or organisation that has invited you for business.
  • Incorporation documents of the company as well as its license, certificate etc.
  • Certificate of employment.


Requirements and Process

The requirements and process for the Uzbekistan Visa for Pakistani National will differ depending on the kind of application you have chosen.


The governments of most countries have started an online visa application process. It can be filled and submitted by the traveller themselves before the trip. 

  • Visit the official website of the immigration department of whichever country you are visiting, Uzbekistan in this case.
  • Fill the application form appropriately.
  • Attach the documents in their digital form.
  • Submit the fee for the Uzbekistan visa for Pakistani citizen, either through MasterCard or online banking.
  • The visa will be emailed to you once it is processed.
  • You can print a physical copy and take it with you to the airport.


Travel Agency

One of the easiest ways to get a visa is to avail of the services of an agency like tourist visa online

You will simply have to send them your documents, the visa fee and a nominal service fee. Once your Uzbekistan visa for Pakistani citizen is processed, they will email it to you.      

Apply Uzbekistan Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Applicants will have to pay a visa fee of $105 as part of the Uzbekistan visa requirements for Pakistani citizens.

No, citizens of 64 exempted countries do not have to apply for a visa beforehand. You can check if Pakistan is on the list or not from the official immigration website.

With a tourist visa, you can stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days, which can then be extended.

Tourist visa online provides services on its website, using which you can check the kind of eligibility offered to you as a citizen of any country, visiting a foreign country.

Yes, travellers can get their visas extended once they reach the country. It can be done by submitting an in-person application to the consulate, at least a week before your Uzbekistan visa for Pakistani citizen expires.

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