Uzbekistan Visa for Sri Lanka Nationals

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One of the less popular objections on the planet, Uzbekistan is ideally suited for admirers of Islamic engineering and those needing to find out about the silk course without making a trip to China. The entrancing mosques, Timur's burial chamber, and the Silk street are only a couple of the spots to visit in Samarkand, a spot known for its feel and stylish sense. In case you are somebody who respects craftsmanship you can generally go to Bukhara and view the excellent Art Citadel or visit the city of Khiva for its sepulcher and outside gallery. While in Uzbekistan, ensure you attempt Shashlik, their claim to fame. 

However, Uzbekistan isn't so known and gets shadowed by other mainstream travel objections in the event that if you at any point visit the spot you will not briefly think twice about it. Residents of 64 nations needn't bother with an Uzbekistan visa to enter while others can apply for an Uzbekistan e-visa, visa-on-appearance or apply at their closest government office of Uzbekistan. But nowadays you can apply for an Uzbekistan visa online but check all the rules and regulations before applying for the visa.

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There are some most visited countries to Uzbekistan Mostly Visited Countries to Uzbekistan like China, South Korea, India, United States, United Arab Emirates, and Thailand and many more countries get their Ekikaran visa online.

Types of Uzbekistan Visa 

1.Tourist Visa 

Those seeking travel to Uzbekistan for a get-away, meeting their loved ones or other private purposes need an Uzbekistan tourist visa. For this, you should show your inn appointments or a greeting from whoever you will visit and the legitimacy of your identification passport must be for no less than a half year past your place of stay. 

2.Business Visa 

Individuals traveling out to Uzbekistan for business purposes or for addressing their organizations need an Uzbekistan business visa to do so. You will require a greeting from whichever establishment or association you will visit and your identification passport must be legitimate for no less than a half year past your time of stay. 

3.Travel Visa 

On the off chance that you need a travel visa (legitimate for 3 days/72 hours), you should apply ahead of time through an online Uzbekistan. Notwithstanding the standard record documents needed to apply for a traveler Uzbekistan visa, you should give an aircraft or rail pass that shows your appearance and takeoff dates. The preparing time for a travel visa is 3 working days.

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Uzbekistan Visa document requirements. 

1. One duplicate of the Uzbekistan visa application form finished and endorsed by the candidate. 

2. One photo with colored visa estimated photos to your application structure. 

3. Identification (Passport should have somewhere around one clear page to fasten the  Uzbekistan visa and be substantial 90 days more than the time of stay in Uzbekistan). 

4. Uzbekistan Visa copy. 

5. Uzbekistan visa processing fees.

6. Personal valid  email ID

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How to apply Uzbekistan visa for Sri Lanka nationals

1. Select or pick your living and citizenship country. Almost all the countries are included for Uzbekistan Visa so you can choose your living and citizenship country from the drop-down.

2. Select Type Of Uzbekistan Visa type various types of visa like Tourist Visa, and business visa. You can select your Uzbekistan visa regarding your trip.

Note:- Uzbekistan visa is through Tourist visa online is available for Sri lanka citizens for 30 days Uzbekistan visa with validity of 90 days Uzbekistan visa validity and stay validity for 30 days only.

3. Fill Uzbekistan visa application form

Fill out an Uzbekistan visa application form. You can add multiple users then you can add more applicants along with your application. And upload all the mandatory documents like passport scan copy, photograph, hotel & flight booking etc.

4. Pay Uzbekistan Visa fee online Once submit your application for an Uzbekistan visa then you will get an option for payment such as credit card, debit card, PayPal etc.

5. Track Uzbekistan Visa status & download the visa after you submit your application is approved then you can track your Uzbekistan visa application status by just entering your passport no and your application id. 

Note:- After your Uzbekistan visa is approved, then get the option for download that is sent to you through your registered email.

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Things consider before applying for an Uzbekistan visa

Regardless of whether you apply for an Uzbekistan visa such as Tourist Visa or Business Visa you generally need to give Authentic Documents. Submitting the right documents is vital. Each record document is checked by the Visa Authorities. On the off chance that they track down any off-base record your application will be dismissed. 

Additionally, the photos of archives you submit ought to be top notch. Each archive ought to be plainly noticeable. Assuming the Authorities demand any further changes in your report, you ought to quickly roll out the improvements. Assuming your application gets dismissed, you will not get any clarification. It is easy and simple when you are applying for an Uzbekistan visa through online


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