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The Citizens of the US are not eligible for the Visa-Free entry to Uzbekistan. However, they can apply for the Uzbekistan e-Visa. Now,e-Visa is an electronic authorization through which you can travel to Uzbekistan. Instead of wasting so much time visiting the Embassy to apply for the visa now, you can apply for the visa online through Tourist Visa Online. Today, we will talk about Uzbekistan Visa For US Citizens in detail.


  • Do US Citizens require a visa for Uzbekistan?
  • What type of Visa can US Citizens apply for?
  • Cost Of Uzbekistan Visa For US Citizens.
  •  Is Uzbekistan Safe For US Citizens?
  • Uzbekistan Visa Requirements.
  • How To Apply For The Uzbekistan Visa Online?

Uzbekistan Visa For US Citizens:

1)Do US Citizens require a visa for Uzbekistan?

As said earlier US Citizens need to apply for the visa compulsorily. They are also not eligible for the Visa On Arrival option. If they enter without a visa then strict legal actions will be taken against them. In the worst scenario, they won’t be able to apply for a visa in the future. So, it is always a good option to apply for the visa beforehand.

2)What type of Visa can US Citizens apply for?

US Nationals can apply for Tourist Visa, Business Visa, and Transit Visa. You can apply for any of these visas according to your requirements online. The Tourist Visa and Business Visa is valid for 30 Days. If you are transiting through Uzbekistan to the third destination then you can apply for the Transit Visa. You need to apply for this visa only if you want to go outside the airport. If you stay in the airport itself then the Transit Visa is not required. The Transit Visa has a validity of 3 Days. All visas can be applied online easily.

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Cost Of Uzbekistan Visa For US Citizens:

The cost will depend upon the type of visa you apply for. Tourist Visa Online provides a visa at a very economical price. The cost of the tourist visa is 105.0 USD. The processing time is 10 - 12 Days. After you fill the Uzbekistan Online Visa Application Form it will be sent for verification. If all the documents are original and correct you will receive the visa via mail.

Is Uzbekistan Safe For US Citizens?

Uzbekistan is really safe to visit. The country has a very low crime rate. In fact, the tourists didn’t have any trouble while interacting with the locals as the people of Uzbekistan are very friendly. But, you need to stay alert. There have been reports of an increase in street and violent crime in Tashkent. Policemen are standing everywhere. Of course, policemen won’t think twice to earn an extra dollar or two. Bribery is witnessed in Uzbekistan. Carry a color photocopy of your passport and your visa every time. Keep the Original passport at your accommodation.

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Uzbekistan Visa Requirements:

Different visas have different requirements. You would basically need a passport with the validity of 3 months beyond your period of stay in Uzbekistan. You need to fill the online visa form correctly and need a color photograph. We have written a detailed article on Visa Requirements(Paste my visa requirements article link here) for both the Tourist and Business visa

How To Apply For The Uzbekistan Visa Online?

Tourist Visa Online provides visa with easy documentation and less paperwork. We will explain to you all the visa application process in detail and provide accurate visa information. We provide 24x7 Customer Support. Any question you ask our team will immediately help you out. We have an experienced team of visa experts who checks all your visa documents. They will make sure that there is no mistake in your form. If they find any wrong document or any mistake they will tell you and correct the mistakes themselves. We have simplified every visa application process. You can track your visa status online easily through us by just telling your Application Number. Tourist Visa Online provides Secure Online Transaction. If you need a visa urgently then we can provide a visa in less than 48 hours. We believe in providing user-friendly visa services so, that you can get the visa easily without wasting much time.

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1)Are US Citizens eligible for the Uzbekistan Work Visa?

Ans: Yes, US Citizens can apply for the Work Visa. The work visa has a validity of 30 Days.

2)What is the Uzbekistan e-Visa Fee?

Ans: Tourist Visa Online provides a visa at a minimal price. The fee for the Tourist Visa is 105.0 USD.

3)How can I get a visa for Uzbekistan?

Ans: Visit Tourist Visa Online and select your citizenship country, your living country, and the country you want to visit. Fill the visa application form and submit all the asked documents. The visa application form is very easy to fill and takes only a few minutes to fill. After the verification of the documents, you will get the visa via mail.

4)Do I need to visit the Embassy for the e-Visa?

Ans: You don’t need to visit the Embassy as the e-Visa Application Procedure is completely online.

5)Can US Citizens visit Uzbekistan without a visa?

Ans: Uzbekistan Visa For US Citizens is a mandatory requirement. They need to apply for the e-Visa before their journey to Uzbekistan.

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