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Every foreign national intended or willing to enter the country for any reason must apply for an Uzbekistan visa except in some of the countries. According to Uzbekistan visa rules, some countries are not required to apply for an Uzbekistan visa. Around 60 countries all over the world are recognized as Uzbekistan visa-free countries. Tajikistan is one of the Uzbekistan visa-free countries. Tourists from Tajikistan are free to travel to Uzbekistan for traveling or tourists purposes. It's a good opportunity for Tajikistan passport holders to enter the country freely without visa restrictions. 

Stay validity of Uzbekistan visa-free country

The stay validity of Uzbekistan visa-free country is not the same for every nation. The validity of the free permit to visit Uzbekistan is dependent on the nation. The Uzbekistan visa-free validity for Tajikistan citizens is only 30 days. But some nations do have permission to stay without a visa in Uzbekistan for 90 days which are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine. Some nations have 60 days stay validity, while citizens of China can only stay without Visa for just 7 days.


Visa-free entry:

Uzbekistan visa-free entry will only be provided to the eligible nations. All other countries who are not visa exempted must apply for a proper valid Uzbekistan visa. Otherwise, the tourist from other countries will not be able to gain entry from the airport or borders. The tourists from the nations who are eligible to apply for Uzbekistan e-Visa can apply for a tourist visa from the website Tourist Visa Online. The applicants will just have to fill the visa form and complete the procedure to obtain an Uzbekistan visa online.

Uzbekistan business visa and work permit

The recognized visa-free nations by Uzbekistan are but restricted to apply for Uzbekistan visa. Still, citizens of Tajikistan visiting Uzbekistan for employment or paid work are restricted to apply for a proper work permit. Uzbekistan business visa is obtained by foreign nationals for business meetings and other reasons. Any citizen of Tajikistan willing to be employed in Uzbekistan must apply for a work permit. Students from Tajikistan willing to continue their studies in Uzbekistan must apply for a student visa. 


Documents required for Uzbekistan visa-free entry at the airport for Tajikistan:

Even citizens of Tajikistan are a privilege not to apply for an Uzbekistan visa, but still, they have to fulfill certain requirements to gain entry at the borders or airport:

  • Tajikistan passport- Tajikistan citizens should make sure that their passport is valid for another three months. And there is one empty page in their passport to gain entry at the immigration points.
  • COVID restrictions- the COVID restrictions and requirements include:
  • Tourists from all over the country can travel to Uzbekistan if they follow COVID guidelines.
  • Almost all the tourists visiting Uzbekistan irrespective of their nation must show negative PCR test results. The travelers from Brunei Darussalam, Cameroon, Egypt, or Yemen are not restricted to show negative test results. Tajikistan citizens are restricted and must have the COVID negative PCR results with them.
  • Testing and screening of Tajikistan citizens after arriving at the airport in Uzbekistan.
  • The Uzbekistan citizens with position PCR test results will need to quarantine themselves. And maybe denied to enter the country.


The Central Asian country, Uzbekistan is famous for its beautiful mosques. The country is also known for its dark history of silk road situated in the country. A country with a rich cultural heritage and with beautiful monuments attracts many tourists. Samarkand a city located on silk road has many archaeological sites which are more than 3,500 years old. Bukhara city in Uzbekistan is famous for its mosques, bazaars, and madrassas. Tashkent Tower is located in the capital of Uzbekistan,  which is the world's twelfth tallest tower. State Museum in Tashkent and Amir Timur Museum. Many tourists places in Uzbekistan are beautiful and worth visiting. 



Uzbekistan visa for Tajikistan is not required for short-term stays. The purpose of a visit to Uzbekistan for visa-free entry must be for tourists purposes only.

Apply Uzbekistan Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The Citizens of Tajikistan can apply for a visa extension from the diplomatic service of ministry affairs. To apply for a visa extension you must also have a valid reason and proper documents.

The visa on arrival is not available for foreign nationals who haven't applied for a visa from the embassy first. The foreign national must have an issued valid Uzbekistan visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

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