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Uzbekistan is a landlocked country in the central region of Asia and it was a former soviet reformer. Uzbekistan is surrounded by many countries. on the southeast, there is Kazakhstan, on the southeast there is Turkmenistan. the capital of the country is “Tashkent”.

Uzbekistan has some of the famous Islamic architecture, that has been proven to be a great tourist attraction. There are major cities like “Samarkand”, this is the country is on the way of the silk route, that is between the china and Mediterranean. This country has old Islamic architecture, which is a great tourist attraction.

The currency of Uzbekistan is “Uzbekistani som”, which is equal to 0.000094 USD.

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The official site for visa of Uzbekistan  

The site is the official site for visa applications of visa. On this site, you find all the necessary information you need regarding the visa. On this site, you can track your visa application status.

On this website, you can see the documents that are needed for the filling of visas. This website helps you with the application of E-visa. While applying for the e-visa, they ask you from where you are traveling. In the second option, they ask for what is your document type, then they ask for the visa entry type (single entry visa, double-entry visa, multiple entry visa), then they ask for purpose of your tourism.

After filling in these details,


They ask for the date of your travel. From which date you are traveling and till when.

Personal information

They ask for the personal information of the traveler. Like their name, date of birth, the purpose of the visit.

Photo and passport 

Then on the 4 steps, they ask you for your photograph and the passport(the passport’s expiry date should not be more than 6 months from the date of arrival in the country)


In this step, the website tells you what is the status of your application.


Then on the final step, they ask for the verification code that is sent on your email id. Then after that, you can make payment from your debit card or credit card through an online payment.

Application status 

On the website, there is a feature where you can check the status of your visa. You just need to enter the verification code from the email address. Then you need to enter the text from the image.

You can also check the status of the visa, via “passport series and number”, “visa number” and after that, you can enter the “text from the image”.

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Fees of the visa

Type of visa


E visa

$ 20

Single entry visa up to 7 days

$ 40

Single entry visa up to 15 days


Single entry visa up to 30 days


Single entry visa up to 3 months

$ 80

Single entry visa up to 6 months

$ 120

Multiple entry visa up to 6 months

$ 150

Multiple entry visas up to 1 year

$ 250

Single entry visa up to 72 hours

$ 40

Double-entry transit visa

$ 50

Visa policy of Uzbekistan  

Several countries are exempted from getting the visa of Uzbekistan. The citizens of these countries can stay in the country for up to 90 days without any visa.

Several other countries are exempted to get the visa. Their citizens can stay in the country only for a shorter stay for 60 days. There are some other visa exempted countries where a citizen can stay for 7 days.

Some documents are required for the citizens of the country to get a visa. There is some type of fees that are attached with the visa, tourist can pay that amount by online payments.

Documents required to the visa  


The tourist traveling to Uzbekistan must carry their passport. That should have a validity of at least 6 months from the date of entry into the country.


The tourist traveling must carry a passport size photograph. The photograph must be in white background.

Scanned copy of the passport

the tourist must carry a passport copy of the passport. That should be clear, it shows all the information like expiry date, date of birth.

Travel itinerary

The tourist traveling to Uzbekistan must show the bookings in his name (expect the travel tickets)

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Proof of the funds

The tourist traveling must carry their bank statements, which will prove that they have enough money to stay in the country and to leave the country.

The documents required are based on the country you are coming from.

Validity of the visa 

The validity of the tourist visa is for 90 days from the date of issue. The person can stay in the country for 30 days.

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