Uzbekistan Visa Processing Time

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Uzbekistan is a country with beautiful Mosques, Soviet-style Buildings, Epic Deserts, Delicious Food, Rich History, and a lot more! It is obvious why Uzbekistan comes first in people's Travel Bucket List. Earlier the visa process was quite complex and people were not able to get the Uzbekistan Visa. Not many people were visiting Uzbekistan. To simplify the process the Government of Uzbekistan introduced the e-Visa.

But, to visit Uzbekistan you need to Apply Uzbekistan Visa. After applying for the visa you must wonder about the Visa Processing Time, right? Today, we will discuss Uzbekistan Visa Processing Time in Detail.


  1. Uzbekistan Visa Processing Time.
  2. Why Should We Apply For The e-Visa Rather Than Using The Offline Method?
  3. Things That Affect The Visa Processing Time.
  4. What Happens After Applying For The Visa Online?
  5. How Can I Get The e-Visa Quickly Without Any Complications?

Uzbekistan Visa Processing Time

To apply for the visa first you need to fill the visa application online. Uzbekistan Processing Time is 3 Working Days for Tourist Visa and for others visas it might take 10 Working Days. Now, visa processing time also depends on various factors. To get the visa quickly submit all the correct documents on time. If you submit even a single wrong document your application will be rejected. So, you should fulfil all the Uzbekistan Visa Requirements.

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Why Should We Apply For The e-Visa Rather Than Using The Offline Method?

When you apply for the visa through Embassy the process is quite tedious. You had to visit the Embassy, submit all the documents, and then wait for the visa. You will waste a lot of your time doing all of this. We live in a fast-paced world and nobody has that much time right? The e-Visa is a great facility where applying for the visa is very easy. Uzbekistan e-Visa was recently introduced in July 2018 by the Government of Uzbekistan. Now, you just need to fill the Online Application Form which takes only a few minutes, and then you are done! As the entire process is complete you can apply for the visa anytime and anywhere! You just need to have the internet and nothing else.

Things That Affect The Visa Processing Time

  1. If you have completely filled the form with the correct information or not.
  2. The type of Uzbekistan Visa you have applied for.
  3. How promptly you respond to any additional changes requested by the Embassy.
  4. In how much time you submit all the documents.
  5. The Time is taken by the Visa Authorities to verify all your documents.

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What Happens After Applying For The Visa Online?

After applying for the visa it is checked by the Uzbekistan Visa Authorities. After the Authorities find everything correct in your application then only you will receive the visa via mail. You need to take the printout of the e-Visa and then take it along with your passport once you enter Uzbekistan.

How Can I Get The e-Visa Quickly Without Any Complications?

Visit Tourist Visa Online where you will get the visa quickly with fewer documents. We provide excellent 24x7 Customer Support. There are a lot of documents required for the visa and many people get confused regarding the requirements. Through us, you will get accurate and updated visa information. We simplify every process for you so, you don’t need to worry about anything! No need to visit the Embassy. Track Visa Status Online is another great service provided by us. We have an experienced team of experts who verifies all your documents before sending it for processing. We provide a 100% Guarantee that you will receive your visa. Want a visa on an urgent basis? Don’t worry we got your back. Tourist Visa Online provides Fast Forward Visa Service. Through this service, you can get the visa in less than 48 hours.


1) Is there any visa if I am Transiting through Uzbekistan?

Ans: Yes, if you are transiting through Uzbekistan then you can apply for the Transit Visa. But, if you don’t plan to leave the Airport then you don’t need to apply for the visa.

2) What should be the validity of my passport to apply for the visa online?

Ans: Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months beyond your point of the stay to apply for the visa online.

3) What is the Uzbekistan Visa Validity?

Ans: The tourist visa is valid for 90 Days and has a stay validity of 30 Days.

4) Do I need Uzbekistan Visa for my kids too?

Ans: Yes, all foreign nationals who want to visit Uzbekistan need to apply for the visa beforehand. 

5) How long can travellers stay in Uzbekistan using the e-Visa?

Ans: With the e-Visa, you can stay for a maximum of 90 Days. You can visit for Tourism and Business purposes only.

6) I want to visit for Business Purpose. What type of Uzbekistan Visa should I apply for?

Ans: You need to apply for the Uzbekistan Business Visa.

7) Do I need to apply for the Visa Compulsorily?

Ans: It depends on your nationality. Some people might come under the Visa-Exempt Countries. But, most people need to apply for the visa. The visa is a mandatory requirement and without the visa, you cannot enter Uzbekistan. Some people might even get the Uzbekistan visa on arrival

8) After getting the e-Visa if I don’t visit Uzbekistan then will I get any refund?

Ans: No, whatever payments you make related to the e-Visa will not be refunded. You should plan out before applying for the visa itself if you want to visit Uzbekistan or not.

9) What is the Uzbekistan Visa Processing Time?

Ans: The tourist visa takes 3 to 10 working days to be processed.

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