How to Apply Vietnam Visa for Czech Republic Nationals

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Vietnam is also known as the Vietnam War as we know by that name. But Vietnam not only has rich historic past of wars but also is a beautiful place full of pagoda and beautiful other sceneries. Vietnam is such a place where you can visit also in summer and you cannot miss that one place which is known as Dalat. This play specifically is rich in the French colonial architecture and you will be mesmerized to see Vietnam’s rich historic past. You will also be surprised to know that Mekong delta has floating markets and his beautiful fruit orchards which makes Vietnam a more attractive tourist spot in the world. There are rich historic places like My Son and Hoi An which it a historic place for the tourists to visit. You can also get to see beautiful beaches and you can also relax at the resorts which are located near the beaches and they are also luxurious and you can enjoy a beautiful time there. Moreover, the whole country is beautiful and it’s a must visit. You are planning to go to Vietnam you must be quite sure that you have the visa to Vietnam whether its an online visa or an offline visa you need to have a visa. It is also an advantage for the nationals of the Czech Republic that they can apply for an online evisa if they want to visit Vietnam. You can also apply your visa via the Vietnam embassy or for the visa on arrival.

Tourist Visa Online Helps you too go through the whole process and also helps you for the application of the visa to Vietnam. When you are applying for the visa to Vietnam you will be provided with all kinds of detailed information and the detail documents that you need while you are applying for your visa to Vietnam. Even after that if you are having any kinds of doubts or you need any kind of clarification while you are applying for the visa to Vietnam then you are very much free to ask us about your doubts and clarification and we will try to help you out throughout the process.


Types of Visas available for Vietnam for the Nationals of Czech Republic

Tourist Visa – As the name of the visa already suggests that this is a visa which is used for mainly tourism purposes. When you are opting for this visa, you can visit Vietnam and explored the beauty of their rich historic past and you can stay there for 15 to 30 days as per the visa validity. Even if you are wanting to visit your family and friends who are already residing in the country then you can also opt for this tourist visa. Now if you want to extend your stay in Vietnam then you can opt for the visa extension in order to avoid any kind of hassles if you are over extending your period of stay in Vietnam.

Business Visa – As the name already suggest we can get by the name that this visa is mainly used by the professionals who want to set up a new business or want to expand their business in Vietnam. The ones who are applying for the visa to Vietnam can also opt for a 6-month valid visa. The businessmen can extend their visa or take the 6-month valid visa for their own purpose. It is also a compulsory for these professionals who are opting for business visa to get a cover letter from the institution which will have the reason of visiting Vietnam.

Visa on Arrival – There is also another opportunity where you can also get your visa on arrival at the airport of the Vietnam. If you want to opt for this visa then you need to apply for your visa on arrival to Vietnam online itself then you will receive an email for your approval of the visa. And your approval for the visa will be mailed to your Vietnam embassy or the officials.


Documents required for applying a visa online To Vietnam for the citizens of Czech Republic

  • The applicant must be quite sure that the passport he has should have the validity for at least six months which will include his stay in Vietnam.
  • The applicant must not forget to carry to passport size photographs which should have at least 80% face coverage with white background.
  • Since the Vietnam stamp size stickers are very large you should be quite aware that you need to blank pages of the passport.
  • You also need to show your hotel reservations or the proof of your accommodations along with your online return and arrival tickets to Vietnam.
  • You must also carry your bank statements as a proof of your salary for the last three months.
  • And lastly you must not forget to carry your visa approval letter and its print out.

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