Online Application for Vietnam Visa for Luxembourg Nationals

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Vietnam is a beautiful country of beautiful Pagodas situated in the South East Asia. Vietnam is a country which is famous for its famous Vietnamese war. It is a place which has beautiful sceneries and landscapes which attracts all the tourists from all over the world. Vietnam also has the famous Mekong delta where you will get to see The fruit orchards and also you will be surprised to see the amazing floating markets. Vietnam is such a country where you can visit the place even in summer. The Luxembourg nationals who are planning to visit Vietnam must try their different delicacies on mainly the famous food which is known as pho. Vietnam is a place where you can also enjoy the historic past of the country. You will be surprised to know that it is the largest producer of black pepper and also its economy is based totally on agriculture and specially the rice cultivation. The capital of Vietnam has its city adorned to give respect to the communist era leader. Vietnam is a A country where you can also get to see the tallest skyscraper Just like the Burj Khalifa of Dubai. You will be excited to know that bauxite which is on or of aluminium is also mined here in the country. The Luxembourg nationals after hearing about them And the special features of Vietnam are planning to go to Vietnam. Before the Luxembourg nationals make their plan ready to go to Vietnam they must ensure that they have their visa ready with them to visit the country. It is important for the Luxembourg nationals to note that they can easily get the online e visa for Vietnam if they want to apply online. There are other options as well that as they can also apply through the embassy offline but it is highly recommended that the Luxembourg nationals should apply for the Vietnam visa online because if you go to the embassy you need to stand in the line for hours and also it is hectic and also you can track the status of your visa.

Tourist Visa Online Will help you throughout the process of application of your visa to Vietnam but if you have any kind of clarifications or you need to clear your doubts then you need to reach us at anytime of the day so that we can also help you through the best possible way and make your visa ready as soon as possible. You will get your 100% authenticated visa and also, we will charge no extra fees for any other extra services that we will be giving you. We are available 24/7 and you can call and contact us at anytime of the day.


Types of Visas available for Luxembourg nationals who will be visiting to Vietnam

Tourist Visa – This visa is already done name suggest is used for the tourism purposes and is opted by only those who want to explore the beauty of Vietnam and want to spend their vacation in Vietnam or want to visit their friends and family who are already residing in Vietnam. If you want to over stay in the country then you need to apply for the extension of the visa before your expiry of the visa that you had already applied for.

Business Visa – This business visa is opted for the professionals who want to set up brand new business in Vietnam or want to grow the visibility of the company they are already working under. If the professional wants to extend the visa or opt for a 6-month validity visa then they can surely do so. The most important thing that should be kept in mind for a business professional is that he needs a cover letter that should be mentioning his purpose of visiting Vietnam.


Documents required for applying a visa online to Vietnam for Luxembourg Nationals

  • The most important thing that the Luxembourg national should get is that passport which should be at least six months valid.
  • The applicant must also get with him or her to colors scan copies of passport size photographs which should be recent and should have 80% face coverage with Matt finish and white background.
  • The applicant should carry with him or her The proof of accommodation or the hotel tickets that he or she has booked for residing during their stay in Vietnam.
  • Applicant must also keep ready with them the airline tickets which will have both the arrival and the departure dates.
  • The applicant must also keep with themselves ready some amount in cash so that they have to pay for the Vietnamese sticker at the airport.
  • The processing days of the 30 days tourist visa is 5 to seven days and the visa validity is for 30 days.

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