Guide to Apply Vietnam Visa for Switzerland Nationals

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The citizens of Switzerland have already seen the beauty of their own country whether in summer or in winter. Switzerland is itself a place where all the people want to visit at least once in their life. Switzerland is a country which is dressed in white. Yes it’s true that Switzerland is a country which is beautiful in its own way with its sceneries but the citizens and the national service Switzerland also opt and also urged to visit the other countries where they can get to see some historic past as well like Vietnam is one among the countries. It’s very much known that Vietnam is famous for its beautiful pagoda which Switzerland national will definitely visit at least once in their life as these places cannot be missed by them as well. Even the Switzerland nationals will be surprised to know that there is a delta known as Mekong delta where they can get to see their favorite fruit orchards and also will be surprised to know that there is also floating markets. Even the Switzerland national can also visit Vietnam during the summers. There are many places like My Son where the Switzerland nationals will definitely enjoy the historic past of Vietnam. So before you are planning to go to Vietnam you must be quite sure that you need to have an e visa to Vietnam. It It is a must for the Switzerland nationals to note that they will get the opportunity to apply for an evisa to Vietnam and they can apply via any online website that is they can applied through our website that is tourist visa online and also they can apply if they want to go to the embassy for their application of the visa to Vietnam.

Tourist Visa Online Is that that will help you throughout the process of application of your visa to Vietnam and you will also get to know about all the detailed information that you need when you are applying for the visa to Vietnam and we will help you throughout the whole process and whenever you will have any kinds of problems, we will guide you thoroughly so that you do not have to face any hassles in the future. We are always at your service and you can take help from us if you are facing any kind of difficulties or if you have any kinds of doubts then you can contact us insert anytime of the day.


Types of Visas Available for the Switzerland nationals when they are planning to visit Vietnam

Tourist Visa – This visa has already the name suggests is used for tourism purposes and the people who will be applying for this tourist visa we will get the opportunity to explore the historic past of Vietnam and will also get to see other landscape and the beauties of Vietnam. People can also upper for this visa if they are planning to visit their relatives or any other friends who are already residing in Vietnam. The tourist if they are planning to stay more than thirty days then they may surely extend their visa before the expiry of this tourist visa. The tourist visa is basically applicable for 15 to thirty days and if someone is overstaying this. Then they should definitely extend the visa.

Business Visa – This type of visa is mainly designed for the professionals who want to visit Vietnam in order to invest in their agricultural or the mining sectors or the educational industries or want to set up a new business in Vietnam itself and the people who want to work in Vietnam or are sent by the institution for any other work can also opt for this business visa. The People can opt for a 6 month business visa if they think that they need a much longer time during their work and during applying for this visa for business purposes one must make sure that he or she has the cover letter from the institution stating the purpose of there visiting to Vietnam.


Documents that are needed while application of the visa to Vietnam for the Switzerland nationals

  • The processing time of the single entry tourist visa is five to 7 days provided that it is a 30 days valid visa.
  • The Switzerland nationals must not forget to take the visa application forms whether they have applied online or they have applied via the embassy.
  • They should also make sure that they have the passport which should be at least six months valid.
  • The Switzerland nationals should make sure that they have two passport size copies already with them which should be the recent one and has 80% of face coverage.
  • The applicant must keep in mind that they should also show the hotel voucher or the hotel bookings or the proof of accommodation while they will be staying in Vietnam. 
  • The applicant must also carry with him or her the airline tickets as a proof which will have both the arrival and the departure dates.
  • The applicant must not forget to bring the print out of the visa approval letter.

The applicant must keep with them ready the cash that will be need for the Vietnamese stamps while they reach the airport.

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