Detailed Guide for Applying Vietnam Visa For Ireland Nationals

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The Vietnam visa is also an electronic visa to travel in the country, this visa provides approval that permits residents from different qualified nations around the world, including Ireland nation. The Vietnam visa gives an opportunity to provide entrance in the country for Ireland citizens. 


Apply for eVisa for Ireland Nationals

The Vietnam eVisa is an electronic visa that provides travel approval and permits residents from different qualified nations around the world, including Ireland nation, to get entrance in Vietnam. The electronic visa licenses one passage into Vietnam for a stay of as long as 30 days. 

The electronic visa for Vietnam has made the most common convenient way of applying for a Vietnam visa with an Ireland identification passport. This online applying system cut lines at line control at embassies or consulate offices and made the country an engaging objective for all the travelers. 

Ireland Passport Holders Need a Visa for Vietnam 

Citizens of Ireland identification passport holders are needed to get a visa to entrance in Vietnam. Explorers who mean to remain under 30 days and who are visiting for the travel industry can go on a solitary passage Vietnam visa on appearance with their Irish identification passport, which goes on for 30 days. Explorers who wish to remain longer than 30 days or who are going for purposes other than the travel industry will require a various section visa, which can keep going for as long as a half year. 

The Vietnam traveler visa for Irish residents is not difficult to acquire on the grounds that those with Irish visas are permitted to apply for their Vietnamese visa on the web. This makes the entire interaction quicker and easier and saves the issue of visiting the government office face to face. 

When endorsed, the Vietnam eVisa will be conveyed to the valid email address given on the application structure. Make certain to print a duplicate of your visa prior to making a trip to introduce it at the boundary alongside the pertinent identification passport. 

The visa used to head out to Vietnam should be as old as utilized during the eVisa application. Explorers with double citizenship ought to apply for the Vietnam visa for Ireland utilizing their Irish identification passport and take care to carry the right travel records with them on their excursion.


Vietnam Visa Requirements for Irish Citizens 

It is significant for the candidate to meet all Vietnam necessities for get a eVisa prior to applying for the eVisa

Getting a Vietnam visa for Irish residents is a moderately direct cycle that mainly requires a couple of moments to finish application structure. 

Candidates should meet the base visa necessities recorded underneath with respect to citizenship and identification passport archives. 

Extra necessities for the Vietnam eVisa application incorporate giving the dates of the stay, just as the location of convenience in Vietnam where the voyager will remain, for instance of a lodging. 

The Vietnam visa necessities for Irish residents are as per the following:

  1. Individual data such as name, gender, passport details, date of arrival etc and also your Irish Passport 
  2. An output of the bio-information page that incorporates a photograph 
  3. Irish international IDs should be substantial no less than a half year upon appearance 
  4. The identification passport should have 2 clear pages 
  5. Explicit itinerary items: 
  6. Dates of your visit, Lodging address/addresses, City name(s), An advanced visa photograph style photograph (4x6cm): 

The candidate should gaze directly into the camera 

  • They should not be wearing whatever impedes their face 
  • It is likewise important to give credit or check card subtleties for the visa expense. The expense required for a Vietnam visa for relying upon the sort of visa.

Vietnam Visa Application for Irish Citizens 

The application is required for the Vietnam visa which is web-based (online) so, candidates need to direct to fill it but provide basic details and the purpose behind the visit in Vietnam. Candidates need to enter essential data, including some close to home subtleties like name, address, date of birth and travel record data. The entire cycle just requires only minutes to finish. 

Finishing the internet based application is quite convenient comparatively. Irish residents wishing to go to Vietnam basically require a PC, tablet or cell phone and admittance to the web. 

When you gather the fundamental archives—like your identification passport, clinical history and the convenience subtleties of your Vietnam stay—you can explore through the application surprisingly fast. To stay away from any entanglements, audit all the data to guarantee 100% precision. 

Handling the Vietnam visa for Irish nationals for the most part takes around 3 to 4 working days. Nonetheless, similarly as with some other administrative methodology, now and again, it takes longer. To permit adequate handling time and keep away from travel movement challenges if there should arise an occurrence of deferrals, it is proposed to apply no less than 7 work days before appearance. 

If it's not too much trouble, note that every traveler needs to finish up a different application for their visa for Vietnam. Families or gathering travelers actually need an individual visa and can't travel together on similar records.



Ireland nationals can apply for a Vietnam visa. Citizens of Ireland can pick their required visa depending on their purpose of visit in the country. If Ireland nationals want to visit Vietnam for tourism purposes to see and enjoy the country, apply for a Vietnam visa tourist. It is highly recommended to apply for a visa through Tourist visa online so that you can get 100% visa approval.

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