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Vietnam visa for Mongolia nationals is required to enter the country. In other words, foreign nationals holding Mongolian passports need to acquire a Vietnam visa. Mongolia citizens can enter Vietnam for various reasons. Vietnam immigration policy states the rules and entry requirements need to be followed by every foreign visiting Vietnam for any purpose. If the foreign nationals will follow the rules and regulations then it will be easy for them to obtain entry into Vietnam. Mongolian nationals having valid Vietnam visas does not ensure entry. Malta nationals may have to return if the official refuse them to enter Vietnam. 


Vietnam visa for Mongolia nationals

Mongolia nationals can obtain Vietnam e-visa. More than 150 nations need to visit the embassy to apply for a Vietnam visa. Mongolia nationals can securely obtain Vietnam e-visa. The Vietnam e-visa for Mongolia citizens will be a single entry visa. Electronic visas for Vietnam can be issued for several purposes including tourism and business purposes. If Mongolian citizens are planning to enter the country for leisure and sightseeing, then Vietnam e-visa is a perfect choice. Mongolian nationals will also need a Vietnam visa for business and visiting purposes. The Vietnam visa rules inform about the entry restrictions on Mongolian nationals. And all the travelers from Mongolia should follow these entry restrictions for Mongolia. Entry restrictions also state that Mongolian citizens can only enter with valid Vietnam e-visa for tourism, business, etc.

The process to apply for a Vietnam e-visa for Mongolia nationals

The simple process includes filling out the short online form for a Vietnam visa on the website. Paying fees and attaching documents online for relevant Vietnam visas. Mongolian nationals can fill out a simple Vietnam e-visa form on Tourist Visa online.

  • Mongolia nationals will need to fill following information- nationality, living nation, and the country name they want a visa for.
  • Them Mongolia passport holders should choose a 30 day Vietnam e-visa.
  • All the important documents and files need to be uploaded after rechecking the information and details written in the Vietnam visa form.
  • The fee must be submitted or the online transaction must be completed for the Vietnam e-visa. Mongolia nationals can take the printout of the Vietnam e-visa payment receipt. 
  • Processing time- The time for approval will only take 5-7 days for Mongolia nationals. Mongolia nationals can check Vietnam e-visa status on Tourist Visa online. online.
  • Mongolia citizens can receive a single entry short day visa of Vietnam. They should take the printout and keep the copies of the Vietnam e-visa for future use.


Vietnam e-visa rejection

The chance of Vietnam e-visa rejection for Mongolia nationals is less. But still, if Mongolia nationals receive rejected for Vietnam visas. Then, they have another option to apply for it again by carefully following all the instructions. If the applicant from Mongolia does not have a good record then this may be the other reason for Vietnam e-visa rejection. Other reasons for rejection may be misinformation, missing documents, and unmatched information in Visa form and passport of the Mongolia citizens.  Mongolia national will need to pay the Vietnam e-visa fees again and repeat every step.


Mongolia nationals can stay in Vietnam for 30 days if they are entering the country with a valid and approved visa. Mongolia visa validity of e-visa for Vietnam is 30 days.

Vietnam e-visa requirements for Mongolia nationals

Vietnam e-visa requirements are the important requirements that need to be fulfilled by every foreigner intending to apply for an electronic visa. Vietnam e-visa requirements for Mongolians are:

  • Valid Mongolia passport-  The passport needs to be 6 months validity who are wishing to enter Vietnam.
  • Photograph- The photo size should be passport size: 4x6cm. The photo needs to be new and not more than 6 months old. Use the photo without any filters for the Vietnam e-visa Use light background and decent photos of the Mongolia applicants.
  • Online mode of payment- A valid online mode of payment should be there. Mongolia citizens can use a Valid Debit card for online transactions to pay Vietnam visa fees. Credit cards and Direct bank transfers are also accepted.
  • Email ID- The email the applicant should need to be active to receive the Vietnam e-visa online.

Entry Requirements To Enter Vietnam For Mongolia Citizens

  • Valid Vietnam visa
  • Valid passport
  • Return flight tickets
  • Hotel bookings
  • Travel plans for tourism purposes. Other relevant evidence according to the purpose.
  • Money and sufficient funds



Vietnam visas for Mongolian nationals need to be taken to visit the country. Vietnam visas can be applied and received online by Vietnamese citizens.

Apply Vietnam Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Mongolia passport holders will need to pay 50.0 USD for a Vietnam e-visa.

Mongolia nationals can use Vietnam e-visa for study purposes if they are staying in the country for a short duration.

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