Online Application Process of Vietnam Visa For Spain Nationals

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As indicated by the new law on entrance, leave, travel and home of outsiders in Vietnam, the Spanish residents Do not require a visa to visit Vietnam for as long as 15 days each stay. But because of COVID 19 pandemic spreading around the world, Vietnam's boundaries stay shut to every unfamiliar traveler, including Spain visa holders. 

So, every individual of Spain needs to inquire about the current travel restrictions in Vietnam.

Furthermore, they need to guarantee some of the documents required for a Vietnam visa. Spain identification passports have something like a half year of legitimacy past their date of entering Vietnam and the Spain identification passport has 2 clear pages required by the citizens of Spain. 


Apply for a Vietnam Visa for Spain Citizens 

Spanish residents and identification passport holders can pick one of the accompanying two visa strategies to apply for a Vietnam visa for Spain nationals: 

  1. Apply at Local Vietnam Embassy 

To get Vietnam visa the residents of Spain need to request the necessary archives and methodology also by reaching at the places by traveling: 

Vietnam government office/office in Spain in the event that they are in Spain; or 

Vietnam government office/office in the nation of their home in the event that they are outside Spain.

And afterward, they need to set up the archives and follow the system as directed to get the visa for Vietnam.

If any conditions occur through which an individual can't travel to apply for a visa then they can also apply for a visa online through our website  Tourist visa online.

  1. Apply Vietnam Visa Online (Highly Recommended) 

Vietnam visa on arrival - VOA. It is the most straightforward way for guests from Spain (counting Spanish residents and identification passport holders) who travel to Vietnam via Airlines to get a Vietnam visa. With VOA, you apply online through our recommended site Tourist visa online.

The steps regarding the application structure required for Vietnam visa are as follows:-

  1. Finishing the safe web-based application structure for Vietnam visa.
  2. It is important to pay Vietnam visa expenses that are required for the application visa.
  3. Wait to get approval, approximately takes 3 to 4 days to get your visa and you can also track them through checking visa status.Getting the visa endorsement letter by email.


Documents required for Vietnam visa by the Spain Nationals 

Documents are the important part of your application required for a Vietnam Visa so, remember to provide correct documents to get less chance of your visa rejection. The following document required for Vietnam visa are as follows:-

To fill the application structure you need to provide correct full name – as old as visa, date of birth, Identification passport number, travel dates, purpose behind visit in Vietnam and any sort of visa that matches according to your purpose to visit in the country 

2 – When you show up at Vietnam air terminal, you need to provide.

  1. Endorsement letter (printed copy) 
  2. Two (02) current passport size photographs of the candidate. 
  3. Identification passport and the Stepping charge.

Cost of Vietnam visa for Spain residents

The Vietnam visa charges for Spain identification passport holders shift contingent upon the manner in which they decide to acquire the visa for Vietnam. The charges for visas applied at the Vietnam consulate or through an online system are sometimes different. 

The expense of visa on appearance is US$25 or US$50 for visa stepping for a single entry visa or a numerous entry visa substantial for as long as 90 days separately, plus the assistance charge for visa endorsement letter if required.



Visiting any country requires a visa to enter if the rules applied to the particular nation. If you need to apply for a visa then it is important to require all the necessary documents required for a Vietnam visa by the Spain citizens.

Apply Vietnam Visa

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