How to Apply Vietnam visa for Macao Nationals

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As a citizen of Macao, if you are planning a quite vacation to an island nation, then this article on Vietnam visa for Macao Nationals is for you.

The country has a very pleasant weather all year around, so visitors can come anytime for sightseeing, business or even education purposes.

This Southeast Asian country is surrounded by water on all sides and has an extensive network of rivers in the mainland. These rivers serve as a great base for the country’s water transportation system. 

There are many French colonial buildings, mausoleums which present an extensive collection of war memorabilia. You can also check out some of the most beautiful caves, trekking paths, lakes, Buddhist temples etc.

For a citizen of Macao, there are two major ways of getting a visa. You can do it online through the government website or via an agency like tourist visa online.

Continue reading the article further below to find out more about the Vietnam visa application in Macao.


Check your eligibility

When applying for a visa, the first order of business is to determine which type of visa the applicant is eligible for and does that suit their travel needs.

For this, there are experts at tourist visa online; you can check out the official website of tourist visa online in regards to this.

  • Enter your destination country (Vietnam) and the country of your citizenship (Macao) and hit enter.
  • The website will then display results on the most suitable visas for an individual from Macao.



Whether you are filling the application for either the regular E-class visa or n electronic Vietnamese visa in Macao, you will need to submit some basic required documents.

  • Passport that proves your Macao citizenship. Furthermore, it should be valid for the next six months and have two blank pages in the end for authorised stamps.
  • Two coloured passport-sized pictures, taken against a white background.
  • Vaccination certificates for Coronavirus.
  • The complete itinerary for your travel arrangements.
  • The accommodation details of the hotels, inns, resorts you may have booked or the resident address of your local guardian in Vietnam.
  • The details of your return flight tickets as it should be mentioned in the Vietnam visa application in Macao.
  • Bank account details and statements that will act as proof of the fact that you are capable of funding your trip to Vietnam.

This list of documents must run by the agents at your travel agency; so that they can make sure they do not get rejected by the consulate or embassy you are applying at (Only for a business, student, research visa etc.)


Application process

When travelling as a regular tourist, the applicant can get an approval letter and then a visa on arrival at the international airport of Vietnam.

The letter is a pre-requisite for getting the Vietnam visa for Macao citizens; follow the steps mentioned below to apply for it:

  • Visit the official visa application website for Vietnam approval letter application.
  • Pull up the application form and fill in your entire personal, professional, travel, medical details asked.
  • Make the payment online and then submit the form.
  • It can take anywhere from 4 hours to 3 days for the applicant to receive the letter on their active email.

You can then print a hard copy of this letter and present it to the airport authorities in Vietnam. They shall issue you a Vietnamese visa in Macao, without involving any third parties like the embassy or travel agency

Apply Vietnam Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The processing time of Vietnam visa for Macao Nationals, will depend on the method of application. A travel agency or online application will get it done in less than a week whereas; a consulate may take even a month.

If the applicant has a valid enough reason for an extension, they can get it for one month by submitting an application at the embassy after arriving in Vietnam.

At the time of the Vietnam visa application in Macao, the applicant will have to pay a minor fee or either $25 or $50 depending on whether you will be staying in the country for one month or three.

There are travel experts at agencies like tourist visa online. Their job is to help the customers sort through the entire travelling process, application etc.

Currently, all travellers need to present just one covid 19 vaccines certificate for the on arrival Vietnam visa for Macao citizens.

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