How to Apply Vietnam Visa for Palau Nationals

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Applying for a visa in Vietnam can be a complicated task. If you are a Palau national and plan to visit Vietnam, you may need to get a visa to enter the country. As a Palau national, you can apply online for your Vietnam visa, or you can apply for your visa through an online visa application. This blog will explain to you the different options for applying for your Vietnam visa.


What is an e-Visa?

An e-Visa (electronic visa) is a visa for a foreigner to enter and stay in a country for a short period. The applicant can apply for an e-Visa through the official website of the relevant country. The e-Visa is generally only authorized for individual entry. Sometimes, the applicant may also be required to print the e-Visa and bring the printed document due to immigration requirements to enter the country.

And if you are a Palau national and wish to travel to Vietnam on a short-term basis, you will need to obtain a visa. Recently, the Vietnamese government has introduced an e-Vietnam visa, which is a new visa for those traveling from Palau to Vietnam. 

The e-Vietnam visa allows for multiple entries and is valid for six months from the date of issuing. The visa is issued electronically and is not a physical visa. The visa is issued to the passport with which it is applied for.

Where to request a Vietnam e-Visa?

Vietnam has become a very popular tourist destination in the last few years. It is one of the most popular countries in the world for backpackers, and the visa process is not too difficult. Firstly, you can apply for an online visa application. To apply for the online process for Vietnam, you must provide the required papers as well as pay the application cost. 

After submitting your visa application, you need to wait for a few days before you get your visa via your provided email.


What are the visa requirements for the e-Visa for Vietnam?

Palau is a currently recognized nation and a nearby island state in the Pacific Ocean. It is a popular tourist place with a huge reputation for being good for the environment Palau is also a popular destination for divers. This is because of the variety of things to see while driving. Many tourists from other countries visit Palau each year. Palau is one of the nations with which Vietnam maintains a good relationship.

In addition, many Palauans travel to Vietnam for vacation, business, or on a tour. Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country with mountains and beaches. Vietnam has a wide range of tourist attractions.

However, if you are a Palau national and you would like to enter Vietnam, you will be required to apply for an e-Vietnam Visa. The e-Vietnam Visa is a special online visa form that allows you to apply for a visa to Vietnam.

You will also need to provide the following items to apply for an e-Vietnam Visa, such as your passport, two passport-sized photos, proof of your round-trip ticket, proof of funds, proof of address, proof of employment, proof of family relationship, etc.

What is the fee for the online Vietnam Visa?

Vietnam is a popular tourist destination for Palauans. It's a wonderful country with a fascinating culture. There are several wonderful sites to visit and activities to participate in. Also, Vietnam is a country with friendly people. It is a country with a fascinating history and great tourism potential. The country's history and cultural legacy are extensive. People are come to Vietnam to admire the beauty of the country and to experience the unique local culture. In 2017, Vietnam welcomed millions of international visitors and ranked the country as one of the most visited countries in the world. Nowadays, Vietnam is very popular among travelers from all over the world, especially from Europe.

You can find a low-cost flight from Palau to Vietnam. Unless you want to stay in Vietnam for more than 30 days, you should obtain a visa online. If you wish to visit Vietnam, you must also apply for a visa on arrival. You can also choose a 30-day visa. The fee for the online visa application is 50 USD. 



A Vietnam Visa is a type of entry permit for foreigners to travel to Vietnam. A Vietnam visa is granted to Palau nationals who want to enter Vietnam for tourism, business, study, visiting relatives, attending a conference, work, permanent residence, transit, etc. The type of Vietnam Visa depends on the purpose of travel. 

Thus, Vietnam is also the home of some of the world's best street food, with each region of the country offering its delicacies. Whether you intend to visit Vietnam, you must submit an online visa application for Vietnam.

Here we have tried to give you an explanation of the Vietnam Visa, and if you have any doubts, you can also take the guidelines from here.

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