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Go you next business trip planned to Vietnam? Then you might as well take a Vietnam business visa on arrival beforehand. Because the waiting in line for this document will not be a joke when you have to stand for at least more than 5 hours! This means most of your business meeting time will be wasted just on acquiring a visa to enter Vietnam. 


  • Business visa

  • Doing work on a Vietnam business visa

  • Documents needed for Vietnam business visa through the online method

  • Documents needed for Vietnam business visa through visa on arrival method

  • Documents needed for Vietnam business visa through an embassy

  • The application process for visa

  • Different types of business visa available

  • FAQs

Business visa:

This Vietnam business visa is a visa that is given to those foreigners who wish to enter Vietnam solely for the purpose of business based purposes. This might include a contract renewal or a new contract signing or a meeting or conference that has to be attended in Vietnam or working in the company which is located in Vietnam. Never can a foreigner go to Vietnam seeking for an employment-related or can have a work permit. 

Doing work on a Vietnam business visa:

This business visa as mentioned will be given to only those who will not have a work permit and for those who want to work can do so only for 90 days once a year. If this limit is to be exceeded then the foreigner might probably have to gain a work permit after which only the foreigner will be allowed to work. But it is to be kept in mind that not all countries can acquire this work permit and there are limitations to acquire them.

Documents needed for Vietnam business visa through the online method:

For the business visa application to be completed through an online method, the following documents with all of the given restrictions must be present. The documents are:

  • Passport: the details inside the passport are scanned and sent so that the online travel agency can check the document details.

  •  Images: a scanned image of the foreigner is a must and needs to be sent in a JPG format while uploading the documents.

  • Form: the completed form will only be accepted through online.

  • Fee filling: pay the fee which has been specified based on your nationality and the processing days.

With these documents online application is possible. All these documents need not be sent through any post and can have a digital copy being sent through the website.

Documents needed for Vietnam business visa through visa on arrival method:

When you go for a visa on arrival method, it is important that you have the approved form which you get when you complete the online application. With this form, you can just show it at the counter where the visa on arrival stamps is put onto your passport which will allow you the entry. The fee is also paid which is given to the immigration bureau center.

Documents needed for Vietnam business visa through an embassy:

When applying through an embassy all the documents which were mentioned above when you apply through online are to be sent via post to the embassy. They also have the form in their office which will be needed to be filled in to get these documents attached. There might also be some other documents that will have to be submitted such as a sponsorship document or a letter of invitation which will have to be attached to the application form. 

Application process for visa:

The process of application can be completed in three different ways:

  • Through an online method

  • Through an embassy

  • Through visa on arrival

Through an online method:

Through an online method, you can get your visa applied for and get them delivered at your home. The visa is for 30 days and will only have a single entry and this visa can be extended in further two ways:

  • Either you go to the embassy itself and give a letter pleading for the extension. You might also have to submit the letter of sponsorship which will help in extension of the visa.

  • Or the company or the head of the company who has hired you will apply for a visa extension on your behalf. 

In either of the cases, you can get the visa through the mail and can get it downloaded and printed.

Through the embassy:

All the documents which are mentioned above must be submitted to the embassy which will be verified and this process will take a period of 5 days in total. You might also have to go in person for the interview that some of the foreigners will be asked. The visa will be directly attached to the passport which will help you enter the country.

Through visa on arrival method:

There are about 5 airports where the visa on arrival facility is accepted. You can reach any of these checkpoints and fill in the documents and other processes at the airport itself. You will get the visa on the same day, but the wait is a bit exhausting.

Different types of business visa available:

There are different types of visas that are available depending on the number of days of stay. These can be for 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, or one year. These can either be single-entry visas or multiple entry visas.


Q. What is the normal processing time for the visa when applied through online?

A. When the business visa is applied through an online method the entire processing time may take up to 7 days in total. 

Q. Is sponsorship letter an important document while applying for a Vietnam business visa?

A. When you apply for a Vietnam business visa a sponsorship letter is not required but this may be required when you need to extend the visa through an embassy.

Q. What is the use of a work permit?

A. A work permit is basically a type of permission that is given to a foreigner to stay in Vietnam for a longer period of days and work in the country.

Q. Is staying in Vietnam with a business visa possible without a sponsor?

A. Yes staying in Vietnam with a business visa is possible without a sponsor provided you apply for the visa through an online site only.

Q. For any urgent cases, how fast can the visa be delivered?

A. When you have a Vietnam business visa on arrival for an emergency case then you can have it in as less as two hours of time.

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