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Tried traveling around the world? Well, is it now time to go to your next destination which is Vietnam? Then you need to know some basics about Vietnam, right? So the first thing which comes while thinking of Vietnam will definitely be taking a Vietnam Tourist visa on arrival. In order to have this in your hand there is something you need to know before you start applying. So let’s take a look at the requirements you might have to fulfill in order to get a Vietnam visa.

First and foremost you need to apply for a visa through an online method to ease the process when you get at the airport. You might also want to check whether you are eligible or not for the visa. So checking up the visa policy of Vietnam is necessary! The visa on arrival which can be filled through an online portal is only allowed if you are going to travel by air. If there are other routes through which you have planned your destination then the visa might have to be taken through an embassy near you.


  • Online Vietnam visa

  • Requirements that need to be fulfilled to get an online Vietnam visa

  • Application of Vietnam visa

  • Vietnam tourist visa stay period

  • Extension of tourist visa

  • Vietnam tourist visa through tourist visa online portal

Online Vietnam visa:

Vietnam visa which can be applied through an online method is called an online Vietnam visa. This visa is available for almost all of the countries that require a visa. However, you need to be eligible to acquire a visa. 

Requirements that need to be fulfilled to get an online Vietnam visa:

There are some documents which need to be taken care of while applying for a tourist visa for Vietnam; they can be listed as follows:

1. A passport:

All the foreigners must take a passport which will be valid for a total period of 6 months from the entry date into Vietnam. Not having this validity makes the passport an invalid one. This means your application and entry both might be denied by the immigration department.

2. A passport-sized image:

This passport-sized image needs to follow quite a lot of restrictions. They can be given as follows:

  • When you take a picture at the studio try not to wear some sort of a cloth or a wig that covers your face. And if this is unavoidable then you can keep them on, but you will have to keep them on even when you show the visa to the police at the border.

  • No sort of large smile needs to be given while clicking the picture, a neutral expression will be great; also do not slant your head as you do for selfies or some other pictures.

  • The background must not contain any color so that the face will have a clear view.

  • The picture should not be of more than 6 months old before you apply the application.

  • Glasses are expected to be taken off while clicking the picture.

  • Keep a size of 4 cm by 6 cm constant.

3. An application form filled by the tourist:

A fully filled in application form is expected to be submitted as well. While filling in through an online method you can easily get them through the websites or you can also get them at the offices in the embassy.

4. Proof that the visa fee has been paid:

A proof which shows that the visa fee has been paid in full must be shown along with the application form if you plan to take a visa when you arrive at the airport.

5. Other documents:

As the embassy might also ask for different other documents that may vary from country to country you might have to keep them ready as well.

With these requirements being complete you can apply for the visa through the following methods.

Application of Vietnam visa:

While applying for a Vietnam visa you can opt for any of the three methods. They are:

  1. An online method

  2. A visa through the embassy

  3. A visa on arrival

A tourist visa through an online method:

You can either apply for the visa through the official website of Vietnam immigration or through Tourist Visa Online. The process is quite simple and will consist of the following step:

  • Application

  • Fee payment

  • Getting the visa in 5 to 7 days

A tourist visa through the embassy:

This is the option which most of the people who cannot access to the online method go for. If you are not able to access the visa through an online method, all you need to do is go to a nearby embassy to get it filled and one thing that you will have to do is sending the documents by post.

A tourist visa on arrival:

Here you can either fill in the form online and then get the visa stamped at the airport or you can also get the visa form filled in when you exit the flight and then get a visa by waiting for about 4 to 8 hours. The visa on arrival facility can be availed at the following airports:

  • Cat Bi Airport, Hai Phong

  • Danang Airport, Da Nang

  • Cam Ranh Airport, Nha Trang

  • Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi

  • Tan Son Nhat, Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam tourist visa stay period:

The Vietnam tourist visa which you apply for allows a stay of 30 days from the entry into Vietnam and this can be done for a single-entry one or a multiple-entry one.

Extension of tourist visa:

The best option when it comes to extension of the visa is to leave the country and then re-enter with a new one. The visa extension is mostly a case where the decision is entirely up to the immigration bureau which is why if you need one you need to ask the immigration bureau about this through a written letter.

Vietnam tourist visa through tourist visa online portal:

When you apply for a visa through tourist visa online, you can trust about getting a genuine visa and that too within a less amount of time. No need to worry about going to the embassy which might be far from your place or there are times when you need the visa but you also have an urgent meeting so this application through tourist visa online can actually save your time!

So when you take a Vietnam tourist visa on arrival through an online portal you save both money and time from your schedule!

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