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Vietnam is now on a rise with its marvelous beaches rivers, busy cities, and Buddhist pagodas which act as one of the main attractions! Going to Vietnam is a great choice however applying for a visa is what takes the most time. Vietnam visa application process as everyone knows can be quite tough at times especially if done through an official website! Though this ensures genuine visas, the number of documents that need to be submitted, or the time that the whole process or even the inside process is not quite clear to most of the people. Let’s see what this visa application process is like in simple words!

Content list:

  • Importance of a visa

  • The necessity of a visa to enter Vietnam

  • Application of a Vietnam visa through an online process

  • Advantages of applying through tourist visa online than through the embassy

Importance of a visa:

One of the most intriguing questions that most of the first time travelers might have is why a visa is that important! As most of them might have seen a lot of travelers just pack their bags and leave their place to go onto a new destination. What the people who watch these travelers do not see is what all do they take with them and what is the most important thing. 

It is quite right that among all of the things that a traveler packs a visa is the most important! Without these, you cannot enter the countries which you are not a part of. This is why understanding the importance of a visa is very essential. 

The necessity of a visa to enter Vietnam:

As long as you are not a part of the country and are not a citizen of the country you might as well apply for a visa beforehand so that there are no troubles when it comes to traveling. While most of the countries have two options which are either take a visa beforehand and the other is getting a visa upon arrival in the country, Vietnam has a mix of these two options which means that you can actually finish off the online work easily and get an approval type of document beforehand and then get the visa once you reach the airport stamped onto your passport pages. 

Application of a Vietnam visa through an online process:

A Vietnam visa as mentioned earlier can easily be available through an online process. This whole process might not even need the time you need to go to the embassy. This means you can stay comfortably in your house while you fill in the form! What better way to finish the application form right? Let us take a stepwise look at the whole process that needs to be completed!

Step 1: Going to the main webpage:

Firstly before trying to get the visa application form filled online, you need to ensure that the device you have through which the application form will be filled must have a good reception of internet connection. Now, all you need to do first is get to the main page of the site. This is done by typing in the website address: Once you reach this site you need to go to the apply visa section.

Step 2: Selecting the country you want the visa to apply for:

Once you select the apply visa section, you will be redirected to a page where you will find the list of countries for which you would like to apply the visa. At the top section itself, you can select the country you live in and are the national of. Once you do this you should also select Vietnam as the option for which you want to apply the visa and then click on apply visa.

Step 3: Selecting the visa type from the list:

You will now be redirected to a new page where you will see a list of visas offered by Tourist Visa Online. You can check all the details which include the days that are required for it to be processed, or the fee or the number of days of validity and stay. Depending on which one suits the most for your choice of visit you can choose the visa type from the list. Once you are done with selecting the type of visa you can click on proceed.

Step 4: Application form filling:

This is the main step among the whole process and needs to be done quite carefully as this information provided will be registered and used for further checking of the documents. If there seem some issues while filling in the form contacting us will be much easier and the problems will also get solved. Be sure that no mistakes are made while filling in the form. Also do not forget that the blanks which are marked with an asterisk are to be filled and cannot be left empty under any circumstances. Once you are done with the filling in of information press on the add documents and then add all the required documents which are specified through this link. The most preferable document format would be a PDF file format. After this press on the proceed button. You can also add applicants who will be joining you for the trip. However, only 10 applicants can be accepted per application form.

Step 5: Paying off the visa fees:

Payment can be done with any of the options that are available and the one with which you are comfortable. If there is any problem or there isn’t an option with which you can pay for the fee then you can contact the service number for more detailed information and help. 

Step 6: Tracking of the visa:

The visa for which you have applied has been submitted and has been registered. Now the rest is all up to Tourist Visa Online. The entire process will be handled by us and then the confirmed visa will be sent over to you through a mail id which you need to register to get the information. 

With these 6 steps, you can easily get through the visa application process and get a visa easily without any worries. 

Advantages of applying through tourist visa online than through the embassy:

  • You do not need to spend money on the postal service to send any documents. All of the documents can easily be uploaded in a digital format.

  • All you need to provide is an online application form which can be filled in easily.

  • You can get a visa confirmed while sitting at home itself and can get this stamped on when you reach the airport.

Vietnam visa application process is hence quite simple and all you need to do is spare some minutes out of the busy schedule.

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