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Vietnam allows a tourist to enter the country without a visa. However, there are some limitations that are stated on the visa policies that need to be followed by the nationals of the countries who are eligible for a free entry. This Vietnam visa exemption is only for some countries and that too for a limited number of days which varies from country to country. These exemption agreements that Vietnam has with other countries might be either unilateral or bilateral. 

Normally a person, if they need to enter a country, needs to undergo quite a complicated procedure to get a visa. However, when it means that a visa-free entry is allowed then it means that the country nationals need not go through the hassle of applying for a visa or any other formalities.


Conditions for visa exemption

Visa exemption countries

Other categories with visa exemption

Other points to remember

Conditions for visa exemption:

For this visa exemption to be applicable there are some conditions to be followed. They can be as listed:

  • An eligible tourist who can enter the country free of visa must have a passport which will have all the details which will be the proof of the identity of the tourist.
  • The passport that the tourist caries must have six months or more of validity to gain an entry.
  • The passport must also have 2 pages which are void. This is to get an exemption stamp on the pages.

There are 2 things that you can see when you get an exemption stamp on your passport. They are as follows:

  1. One is the entry date which is stamped onto the passport page.
  2. The second one will be the expiration date of the visa from the date of entry.

Visa exemption countries:

There are about 24 countries that need not have a visa to visit Vietnam. The list can be given as follows:

Chile: 90 Days Stay Cambodia: 30 Days Stay Indonesia: 30 Days Stay Kyrgyzstan: 30 Days Stay
Laos: 30 Days Stay Malaysia: 30 Days Stay Singapore: 30 Days Stay Thailand: 30 Days Stay
Philippines: 21 Days Stay Brunei: 14 Days Stay Myanmar: 14 Days Stay Russia: 15 Days Stay
Belarus: 15 Days Stay Denmark: 15 Days Stay Finland: 15 Days Stay France: 15 Days Stay
Germany: 15 Days Stay Italy: 15 Days Stay Japan: 15 Days Stay Norway: 15 Days Stay
South Korea: 15 Days Stay Spain: 15 Days Stay Sweden: 15 Days Stay United Kingdom: 15 Days Stay

15 Days of a visa-free visit to Vietnam. These countries will get a visa exemption if they have not yet entered Vietnam and this is their first time or they have never used a visa exemption visit before. They may also get this visa exemption only if they have exited the country last time and will re-enter only after 30 days interval. This means that each visa-free entry must have 30 days of interval.

The above countries which have been listed need to follow the policies to ensure that they get an entry. However, failure to follow any rules and regulations will lead to a cancellation of the entry be it with a visa or without a visa. 

Other categories with visa exemption:

There are two other categories that can get a visa exemption for Vietnam apart from the countries that have been mentioned in the above section. The categories can be listed as follows:

Wives or husbands of the Vietnamese citizens who live abroad:

These people can get entry without a visa and can also get a visa-free residence for a short time which will be no more than a period of six months. This means that they need a passport which will be of one-year validity and they must also carry all the documents which will act as proof to the exemption. Without these, they won’t be able to avail of this facility. 

Children of Vietnamese citizens:

Those Vietnamese citizens who have their children residing in another country can also enter Vietnam without a visa and can stay for almost the same time period as the above-mentioned category. The documents must also be supplied to prove the relation which will act as proof.

This visa exemption is of a maximum period of 5 years and is dependent on the passport expiration date. This means the maximum duration can be either five years or it can be before the validity of the passport ends, normally a period of fewer than six months.

Other points to remember for Vietnam visa:

There are some points that need to be noted while searching for visa-free entry. They are as follows:

  • All the foreign passport holders can now enter the Phu Quoc Island without a visa and are eligible to stay for a period of 30 days. They are eligible even if they transit through another international airport before they arrive at the Phu Quoc Island.
  • British National Overseas also is known as BNO passport holders cannot avail these 15 days of visa-free entry. This means that they need to apply for a visa if they wish to visit Vietnam.
  • Al APEC Business cardholder can also visit Vietnam irrespective of nationalism for a period of 60 days and not longer than that.

Those countries whose nationals can avail the Vietnam visa exemption facility can enter the country without any worries of going through any hard procedures!  

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