vietnam visa types differences based on purpose of visit and stay period

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People love the variety! When you can find varieties in almost everything then why won’t you be able to find them in visas! For those people who love variety, here are different Vietnam visa types to satisfy all your purposes of travel. No matter how long or short the travel is, the travel will be fulfilled by the visas that you want to apply. 

Vietnam is known to be a place where most tourists travel! However, only a little part of the whole population knows what else this place is famous for. With a great history behind the origin of this country and this place being a pilgrimage for all the Buddhists, you can also find people visiting for religious purposes. Not to mention the Vietnam special noodles which bring out the saliva in your mouth! So why won’t you want to be a part of this trip when you get so much that has been offered to you!

Let’s take a look at the various types of visas and which one of them might be suiting your travel list the most! 


  • Vietnam tourist visa

  • Vietnam tourist visa extension

  • Vietnam re-enter visa

  • Vietnam business visa

  • Vietnam student visa

  • Vietnam transit visa

  • Vietnam visa for diplomatic or official purposes

  • Visa types which depend on stay length

  • FAQs

1. Vietnam tourist visa:

Without a doubt, this visa is the most famous one and the one that most of the people apply for. It is also quite easy to obtain this visa which makes it even more popular among the people. This visa is also known as a C1 visa which most of the people don’t know about. This visa gives a total stay validity of 30 days in the country of Vietnam. Only a person with tourism intentions can have access to this visa. it can be either a single entry 30-day visa or a multiple entry 30-day visas. One of the things you need to remember is that the cost might change along with the various types of entry being permitted. Those people who wish to enter Vietnam with tourist visas and conduct any sort of business are not allowed to do so, as they need to apply for another type which is a business visa. 

The tourist visa can be obtained in three ways by a tourist who wishes to go to Vietnam:

  • A tourist visa which is obtained by an online method

  • A tourist visa which can be applied through visa on arrival

  • A tourist visa which needs the foreigner to go to the embassy.

2. Vietnam tourist visa extension:

While extension can be done really easily, a lot of people tend to struggle with the application form and the requirement list that needs to be submitted. This visa extension is, however, possible only once and can be done for a maximum period of 30 days. Due to the complex procedure, it is quite recommended to all of the tourists who want to extend their visa to do so only through a travel agency as this will reduce the load on your shoulder and will also make sure you get the visa within a specified number of days.

3. Vietnam re-entry visa:

This visa is for those tourists who are willing to enter Vietnam again after they leave the country. It is to be noted that when a tourist leaves the country he or she needs to apply for a new visa unless and until that person has the re-entry visa. This visa, however, can be applied while you are still in Vietnam, that is, right before you leave Vietnam. This re-entry visa will then ensure that you can enter the country without you having to go through the entire application process again. As you might require a lot of help, it is also beneficial that you get the help of a tour agency to get the task completed.

4. Vietnam business visa:

This visa as the name says is a visa that is provided to those people who enter the country with an aim to do some sort of business or work. They have various validities depending on the number of stay days which can be around three to six months. These visas are also quite easy to get your hands on, but the process might be a bit tiring. The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that having a business visa will not help you work in the country for a long time. For doing a long time work or job in the country it is essential you have a work permit which will allow you to stay for a longer period of time. This visa can be divided into the following three types:

  • B2 visa: given to those people who come to Vietnam with the purpose to process investment projects which are accepted by Vietnam authorized organizations.

  • B3 visa type: it is provided to those foreigners who indulge in Vietnam enterprise activities.

  • B4 visa type: those people who work in foreign authorized companies or are indulged in non-government organizations, branches of culture-economic organizations, or any other related organizations whose branches are located in Vietnam can access this visa.

 5. Vietnam student visa: 

This visa can only be accessed by a student after getting a confirmed admission to any of the colleges in Vietnam. This admission proof must also be submitted without which this visa will not be given. However, a student can also go to Vietnam on a tourist visa without having to take a student visa then once you reach Vietnam and take admission you can apply for one. 

6. Vietnam transit visa:

This visa is for those tourists who intend to stay in Vietnam for a matter of five days or less before they get onto another flight to get to their destination. This means the transit visa for Vietnam will carry a validity of only 5 days. This visa is mostly given to those people who are accompanied by a tour guide and have a proper plan as to what they will be doing in the next five days in Vietnam.

7. Vietnam visa for diplomatic or official purposes:

This visa is solely based on fulfilling any purpose which is related to government or any organizational programs in Vietnam. It is to be noted that there is no fee that is to be paid for this visa. However, there needs to be a supporting letter which will be given by the organization, the government official body, or the consulates in your region which specifies the reason for the visit. This visa can further be divided into 4 types:

  • A1 visa type: for those people who have been invited by the central committee of the communist party of Vietnam or congress, president, vice-president, government and guest of a minister, or for those who accompany these guests who might be their relative or assistants. 

  • A2 visa type: given to those who are members or act as a representation of a foreign government body and for those who come along with them. 

  • A3 visa type: this visa is given to those people who come to Vietnam to work with any foreign commission bodies or those who are invited by these organizations. 

  • B1 visa type: provided to those people who enter Vietnam and assist in the working of people’s supreme inspectorate or court or ministries or even union of the public.

Visa types which depend on stay length:

Depending on the stay validity there are different types of visa available which can be given as follows:

  • 1-month single entry visa

  • 1-month multiple entry visa

  • 3 months single entry visa

  • 3 months multiple entry visa

  • 6 months multiple entry visa

  • 1-year multiple entry visa.

What makes these visas different is the number of entries which have been permitted by the government of Vietnam. A person can enter only once if he or she has a single entry visa and once they leave the country, they cannot return on the same visa as it won’t be valid anymore. However, those who have a multiple entry permit can leave and re-enter the country multiple times only until the visa is valid.


Q. If I am planning to go to Vietnam for a 25-day trip which is with my family, what type of visa is recommended?

A. If you are planning to go to Vietnam with your family on a 25-day trip then you need to take a tourist visa which will be valid for 30 days from entry into Vietnam. You can either apply for a single entry one or a multiple-entry one.

Q. What can a student who wants to study in Vietnam but is not a citizen should do in order to get a student visa?

A. A student who wishes to study in Vietnam must have an admission kept ready so that they can apply for the student visa. Apart from this, they can also enter the country on a tourist visa and then get a student visa as well.

Q. Are there documents that we need to submit in order to get a Vietnam visa?

A. You can check the link for more details about the documents which you need to apply for a visa.

Q. What are the types of visas that are available on arrival?

A. On arrival, you can either get a Vietnam tourist visa on arrival or a Vietnam business visa on arrival.

Q. How many types of Vietnam visas are available for a person to choose from?

A. A person can choose from 7 main Vietnam visa types or they can also choose other subtypes that match their purpose and schedules.

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